How can I delete a contact on Gmail?

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Edit contacts - Gmail Help - Google Support

Delete contact. Sign in to Gmail. At the top left, click Gmail > Contacts. Select the contact in the Contacts list. Click More, then click Delete contact.

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Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. If you look you will find lots of people cannot send...

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How can i delete my contact list from gmail account ?

which is visible on the left side of the desktop,


do you seriously want to delete it or just hide it from your view? either way get familiar with customizing...

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Click on 'Contacts' Below 'Mail' Tick the Box Next to Contact you want to delete Click 'More Options...

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In Gmail, what happens on the other persons end if you delete their contact information?

Can they tell? Does your little green dot still appear in their box, even if theirs is gone from yours?


If you block them from chat, something happens, but I'm not sure what. I ended up blocking a guy for...

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GMail does not have telephone support. To delete an account on your own, sign in and go to Settings...

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iPhone and Gmail Sync Issues

Overwrite Gmail contacts with iPhone contacts. How? I finally caved in and bought an iPhone yesterday, and I'm loving it with the exception of copying my contacts from my old dumb phone. In the end I did a sync with Gmail to pull down all my email contacts...


Yes. (I think. I wouldn't super bet on it though. It SHOULD sync the MOST RECENT CHANGE, whatever that...

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How do I delete old email addresses from contacts when I try to forward something from my emails?

An example is Wanda Brandt. Her old address is; her new address is I have changed it in my contacts list but when I try to forward something to her, I hit "w" & both her addresses come up. I have to...


What email system are you using? A first guess would be to try this: When the options come up, use the...

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Why can't I delete contacts from my contact list?

I can't delete contacts from my contact list, when I check the box by a contact then click delete it won't delete do anything, I just get an error message at the bottom of my page when I double click on it this is what it says User Agent: Mozilla/4....


If you're using the "New Improved" Y mail switch back to Classic for the time being until...

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If I delete my Gmail will my Face book be deleted as well?

Okay lets say i made a Gmail account okay? And then let say i make a Face book and my Deviant ART account okay? Now lets say i want to make a new Gmail account and i want to delete my old one. If I delete my Gmail will my Face book and a Deviant ART...


deleting gmail will not delete your other accounts. create a new gmail account, then change the email...

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