How can I unblock a contact from MSN?

Let’s learn how can I unblock a contact from MSN. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i unblock a blocked contact on my msn messenger?

i accidentally deleted and blocked the wrong contact on my msn messenger (also known as windows live messenger).


well if you deleted them, you have to readd them. Once you readd them, right click the contact's name...

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How to unblock an MSN contact on Windows Live Messenger?

I blocked someone when I still had MSN... I bought a new laptop and downloaded the new MSN version, so Windows Live Messenger. Now I can't see that person anymore, and I tried to more


You'll need to open WIndows Live Messnger and go into Tools > Options > Privacy There is an allow...

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If you know how to reach them other then MSN try and talk to them and tell them you want to be unblocked...

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I cant find my blocked contacts list on yahoo how can i find it, to unblock a contact?

i deleted a contact on yahoo n now i want to unblock it but i cant find it anywhere. the contact i unblocked is an msn.


Click on "Options", Mail Options in the upper right of your Yahoo mail page. Scroll down the...

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Unblocking a contact on msn?

When someone added me on msn I clicked block rather than add by accident and I cant unblock them because I don't have their contact in my list and I cant remember their contact to add more


if you haven't closed the window then it should be there, if you did and have chat logs then go there...

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My msn account has been blocked?

I tried to go onto my msn last night and it wouldn't sign me in, it redirected me to a page where it said that an unusual amount of activity had happened but the recent activity was myself adding my friends? It said that to unblock my account i had to...


If it doesn't exist anymore, why don't you create it?

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How do you re add someone you have blocked and deleted on msn?

i blocked and dleeted someone on msn but now when i re add and click unblock they still arent on my contact list. i want them to be on there as if they were any other contact.


You could add them again ??

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MSN Advertising Sales Contact

Hi, I have a rather absurd problem. I have been trying to reach a live person to purchase advertising from MSN for almost 3 weeks, to no avail. I have a client who wants to immediately spend $100k to advertise with them (and only them!), but no one...


Energy, Okay, I finally have an answer for you! After being on the phone with MSN for half the day...

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I don't want my msn account to appear in my friends' yahoo messenger contact list. what can I do?

since a few days my msn account appears in my friends' yahoo! messenger contact list together with my yahoo account. I haven't changed any setting either on msn or yahoo, so this has happened without any reason. besides, one of my friends sees my msn...


If you're the type that wants to be left alone, like me. you have to go to these sites and your Profile...

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Yahoo wont let me add a msn contact!?

I tried to add a msn contact to my yahoo messenger...but wasnt able to. Instead it said i could sent email only to this contact only! Bummer! I want to instant messenger this contact using yahoo..any ideas? I also was unable to add this contact to my...


Please, visit the below mentioned links to know about the similar troubleshooting questions & there...

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