How can I delete my MSN Messenger account?

Let’s learn how can I delete my MSN Messenger account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there a way i can get rid of msn messenger?

every time i turn my laptop on my messenger for msn comes up, i don't want my msn account, is there anyway i can delete it? or something...


go into control panel and on to add/remove programmes and find it on the list of programmes then delete...

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How do you delete your MSN messenger account but not your hotmail account???

please help me cause i dont like MSN messenger(chatting) and i want to delete it. My hotmail account is important to me(which i wanna keep) but i just wanna delete the messenger but more


I don't think you can do that since these 2 accounts are tied together

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How to (permanently) delete my msn messenger account?

I don't know how to delete my very old messenger account on the new layout. Also, if i delete my messenger account, do I still keep my hotmail account, because I still need that.


Nope, you can't keep your Hotmail and get rid of messenger. Just don't log into messenger if it bothers...

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How to delete Messenger/MSN account log on?

I dont want messenger to show me list of my previous hotmail adresses I logged on before when I try to logg in,because I am sharing this computer with other users,and it takes longer more


when you open your msn, just click 'dont remember this account anymore' and then your msn address will...

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How do you delete an msn messenger account off a computer?

And no im not talking about the close account thing.


go into add / remove or and uninstall make sure it is no set to boot up when you turn on PC, and it...

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How do I delete my MSN messenger without deleting my hotmail account?

I don't just want to get rid of the application on my computer, I want it so my account is gone..? :)


Click start and all programs go to Accessories and across to system tools in the opposite drop down...

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Is it possible to delete MSN Messenger completely but still keep your hot mail account?

every time I turn on this computer Msn messenger pops up and it drives my parents crazy. Is there a way to permanently delete MSN messenger? And if you do, does it affect your hotmail more


MSN messenger is simply a program to use your email name as a screenname to talk to people. Removing...

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Delete hotmail, but keep MSN messenger account?

Can you delete your hotmail, but keep the email address for MSN messenger access? I get email to my hotmail, and it's not activated. I've had this address for a few years and more


Yes, you can. Basically, after 28days, Microsoft's automated system just disables whatever service you...

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ur e-mail is the same account as the messenger...if u want to delete the messenger just dont open it...

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Would de-activating my hotmail account delete my MSN messenger contacts too?

Say if I re-activate my hotmail account in 10 days would I still have my MSN contacts? thanks.


No, You will lose all youre contacts. to make sure you dont lose youre contacts save youre contacts...

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