How can I delete my hotmail email account?

Let’s learn how can I delete my hotmail email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Windows Live Hotmail is a free web-based email service from Microsoft. If you have a Hotmail account...

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How can I delete a Hotmail email account ?

I know I can simply not use it for a period of time and it will become inactive and eventually be deleted, but that is not good enough as I do not want to be actively ignoring anyone who emails me in the period - and telling everyone I have a new email...


Hi wolvies-ga, I found how to close your Hotmail account for you. You can close your Hotmail account...

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How do I delete a Hotmail email and messenger account?

okay ive tried and tried to delete my hotmail email - and wanna get rid of the messanger as well (if i can jus get rid of one fine) - but every time i ask for help from Microsoft it more


The easiest way it to forget about it. If you do not sign in for 210 days it will be deleted.

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How to delete hotmail email account?

i no longer need it or want it & im dont just wanna leave it really... how do i delete it?


Open you main hot mail page as if your going to read your mail messages. Then on the right side of that...

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When I Delete 1 Email Account, does it delete my other msn's, For E.g. Closing

and i got another 1 for e.g. if i close [ delete ], does it delete



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When I read/delete an email on my iPhone4 it does not appear read or deleted on my hotmail account on pc...?

Does anyone know if there is a way to sync the two so that if i read an email on my iphone it appears read in my hotmail account? Cheers


Gday, this is actually cool!! This brand new i phone is actually really being offered out due to the...

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Is there any way to delete an MSN hotmail account email?

i want to delete my email as i no longer use it, and i need to delete it don't ask why.


You can cancel your account (in My Account options) but only Microsoft can delete it. Once canceled...

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If I delete my hotmail email account.....?

...what will people see my name as if they have me on their windows live messenger? I deleted my hotmail email yesterday, will they still have me on their list? If not, what happens? more


It still shows but most times it's just your e-mail address.

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Answer:… click on this link for help with that. Good luck. J...

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i want to cancell my hotmail eamail account

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