How can I delete my Hotmail or MSN?

Let’s learn how can I delete my Hotmail or MSN. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there a way i can delete my hotmail account, and remove it from my friends msn contacts list?

hi i want to delete an account bcoz i dont like it anymore, and it is an old account which had a stupid name, so how can i delete it and remove it from people contact address list?


You can't delete it from others contact lists...but once you delete it they will get the message FAST...

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How can I delete my MSN or Hotmail account instantly?

I want to delete my Hotmail and MSN account completely so that the address and account name is available again. However when I try to close it it says that I must wait like 120 days more


It is deleted straight away but if you sign in before 120 days then you will be able to sign in. why...

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How can i delete an msn hotmail account?????????????

wel, ive got loadz nd i want 2 delete sum, how?????????????????????????????????????...


Easy. Go to you windows live hotmail (just open up your emails) Then click on "options" which...

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On MSN Hotmail how do you delete folders you have created but no longer want?

On Msn hotmail (not live hotmail) I have created a coupole of floders i don't want any more but i don't know how to delete them, please post if you know how to. Thanks.


manage folders.

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How do you delete your MSN messenger account but not your hotmail account???

please help me cause i dont like MSN messenger(chatting) and i want to delete it. My hotmail account is important to me(which i wanna keep) but i just wanna delete the messenger but more


I don't think you can do that since these 2 accounts are tied together

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How do you delete your msn/hotmail account?

I need to know how you delete your msn/hotmail account. 10points.


You can't, you'll just have to make a new one and leave that one alone or something.

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How to delete an msn hotmail account?

how do u delete an msn hotmail account?


hi! it is important to find the help button. But first go to this address and it will guide you through...

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How do you delete an hotmail/msn account?

my old hotmail account won't let me log on msn so i would like to delete it


thanks i got 3 msn to delete:P

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How Do You Delete An MSN/HOTMAIL account?

i have tried to delete my hotmail/msn account but it comes up,Cannot close ******* To close your account, you must resolve one or more of the following issues: One or more


Just leave it, They will delete your account after it's not used for particular time

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How do I delete my msn/hotmail account?

i need to delete my windows live messenger account, and obviously my hotmail that comes with that address. how do i do this? step by step please! thanks xxx


I don't no if you can or not but i don't no how to. But you can wait 60 days and it will delete if you...

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