How can I delete my MSN Space and blog?

Let’s learn how can I delete my MSN Space and blog. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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This should help: Also if you want more help here: http...

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How can i delete my msn space account?

hey I have a msn space on my hotmail/msn account with my photos, a short blog etc. i put them up a few years ago and i want to delete the whole thing. I cant figure out a way of how more


same as what baba said [= x

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On yahoo360 blogs....I want to compose a blog?

but, it is showing me the polls..i do not want to create a poll just write up a blog, so when i click, delete, i end up on my "home" page..and another thing, my smileys are gone, and so is my view as html button. what is going on... Please...


Okay....first things first~ BREATHE! Now, whenever you go to create a blog on your 360 page it automatically...

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How do you delete msn spaces.?

Guys. I have a problem. I created an msn space which I don't want. I want to delete it but I can't. please help.


If it works the same way as yahoo 360 then you might not be able to delete it. But you can disable it...

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Mozilla Firefox does not support Windows Media Player in MSN Space?

I had been using Internet Explorer; just installed Firefox few days ago. When i was browsing my MSN Spaces (blog), i found that my Windows Media Player on the space has disappeared. I more


you will need to intall a windows media player add on, i have supplied the link below. scroll down to...

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What to delete from Hijack this logfile

Would like to know what to delete from the following log and if any of this is specifically malware where it originated from. Thank you. Here is my logfile: Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 1:28:32 AM, on 9/14/2006 Platform: Windows XP SP...


elenafox... You're going to want to check the following entries to be fixed by HJT (Hijack This). You...

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1. Click the Settings tab. 2. Click Space Settings. 3. Scroll down to the Delete your space section...

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How do i delete my space account?

i have been trying to get into my account but i can't get any farther than the log in section. it won't except my yahoo or my msn name and password. i don't find anything interesting in my space and want to get rid of's just a bunch of nonsense...


The system will not let you log in if you use the wrong user name { which is your e-mail} and/or password...

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How does Dad easily show his paintings online?

My father is looking for an easy way to showcase his paintings online. I'm thinking photo blog. My father is looking for an easy way to showcase his paintings for friends online. Right now he been playing around with Google's Googlepages but, while it...


Your father might give the brand-new site Tabblo a try. It lets you upload photos, with a focus on gallery...

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Easy 10 points!!?

ok uno msn well theres also an msn space how do you delete and msn space?? i have one but how do i get rid of it??


edit profile ?

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