How can I delete hacked msn?

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How can i delete a hacked msn account?

Okay, so I got hacked and the person changed my password and hacked my alternate email as well. This is quite scary, idk what to do now. Now he signed me out of my computer and is more


Hi from France ♫ I think you can't delete your account '' like that'', you just must wait that...

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How can I delete an MSN account that has been hacked?

My msn account has been hacked the other day and I don't want it to interfere with anything because I have loads of personal stuff like my girlfriend and such.


- < How to Close WL account There you go.

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Help my msn has been hacked how do I delete it?

My friend called me saying she was getting messages from me when I haven't signed on in ages? I'm really scared, how can I delete my account?:(


If you have access to it, log in and go here.. -- < Change...

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I got hacked and he took my bebo,facebook&msn is their anyway i could delete the hotmail acount without the PW?

i am 16 years old i have have msn and bebo and facebook, but i got hacked by some 28 year old and i can not access my hotmail account is their any way i could delete it with out more


for me worked perfectly this site to find a facebook password..and the support was really good. http...

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How do i know that my facebook account or msn got hacked?Answer me plz!

1 of my friends got hacked on fb n asked me to delete her but i didnt see her message coz i wasnt able to open my fb account n when i opened my msn i found an email that added me n more


the only way i really could find facebook password was with this really woked for me. www.findfacebookpassword...

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How do i completely delete my msn account?

my msn has been hacked and i want to delete my account but it wont work i have tried for 5 days now and have got nowhere but i really need to delte it and create a new 1 coz the more


You can change your pass dunno if you can do that or delete all your contacts and history.

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Hacking msn?

my friend hacked my msn and added some people i didnt want her to..i need to delete them and when i ask her she wont;/? can you tell me how


Firstly you need to change your password, so that your friend doesn't go adding, blocking or even worse...

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My msn account has been hacked?

I think someone has hacked into my msn account. I was one it once and then it signed me out. I can't access it at all. Could someone help me to restore it or delete it?


Sorry, my friend, but you're not going to be able to restore it or delete it as it no longer belongs...

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i had a hotmail account i wanted to log into it on msn but it says wrong password everytime , i think im hacked is there any way to get my hotmail account back or to delete it or send more


Did you not use it for more than 30 days? If so, Hotmail may have marked it as non active and you can...

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