How can I delete my MSN contacts all at once?

Let’s learn how can I delete my MSN contacts all at once. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Add or delete contacts -

Add or delete contacts. ... see Add or remove pictures in contacts. You can send e‑mail to many people at once by creating a contact group. ... MSN Bing ...

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How can i delete other contacts on msn?

Is there any way in which i can delete all my "other contacts" on MSN at once?


Well you can log into your hotmail, and go to the contacts section, then messenger contacts and tick...

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How can I delete multiple MSN contacts at once?

I want to clean up my contact list by deleting all the people I never talk to, is there a way I can select all the contacts I no longer want on my list and delete them all in one go? more


Am Not Sure U Can

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How Can I delete all of my contacts from MSN messenger?

I have like 1000 contacts on my mail I wanna delete them all and add a few friends later. I dont wanna change my mail. Is there any other way but deleting them one by one?


just delete luh. click delete

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How Do I Delete "Other Contacts" On MSN?!!?

i have over 300 contacts in my "other contacts" 99.9% of them are random adds. how do i delete that category?? i cant highlight and delete them it doesn't work. and im not gonna spend forever deleting one by one so dont even suggest that xD...


Step 1 Open MSN Messenger and sign in. You'll also need to be connected to the Internet in order to...

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How do i delete msn history of deleted contacts?

i delete msn contacts but they stay in the history under blocked contacts etc. is there anyway of deleting all history of all and any contacts ever addded???


no ,you cant,unless they delete you to

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How to delete my "other contacts" group on msn FAST?

i already tried msn plus. i don't know if there any way to delete all my contacts in the group "other contacts" :/ HELP !


Try just right-clicking on the group and clicking "delete".

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How do you permanently delete contacts on msn?

i was wondering how to delete my contacts on msn the ones i have blocked which are on my list in (tools, options, privacy,) is there any way to do this.


Delete and block then delete from your hotmail contacts!

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MSN, how to delete many contacts at once?

on MSN live, how do i delete many many contacts at once, cause to do it manually one by one takes a long time, is there a faster way?


Try Messenger Plus. Its An Add On Giving Tonnes More Feautures To MSN, Inclusing a Contact...

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How do Delete Contacts in Block List on MSN Messenger?

have a question relating to deleting old contacts. I am using 'Windows Live Messenger" and I am trying to delete my old contacts that are found in my Block list (Found more


ive had the same problem unfortuently you cant delete them if you are on their contact list...and the...

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