How can I delete custom MSN emotions?

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How can I delete the custom emotions I have added to my MSN messenger when I write?

I mean when I write ok it would turn colorful, and now I can't delete them.


look thru the preferences and settings. it should be there.

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If you reboot your computer does your msn delete all the custom emotions?

i mean like, does it delete the ones youve saved from friends?? thanks x!


Nope, it doesn't :)

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How to delete an emotion on msn !?

i have saved an emotion as :) on my msn and now i cant get the original :) emotion back, it wont let me delete/remove the emotion, is there any way i can reset all my custom emotions more


right click

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Msn help please ! with emotions that are not there and show that its custom emotions?

I have the new msn But i have 3 Custom emotions that show normal but are actually old emotions that i have and they don't show up to my friends but to me they show up as my old more


emoticons are crap, they are allowing tracking of your ISP to the company- dont do it!

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Can i put custom emotions on my msn name?

i would like to know if you can put custom made emotions on your msn name instead of just the normal emotions. if you know how please can you tell me? thanks


No, unfortunatly it doesnt work :[

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How to get ride of custom emotions on msn?

i got so Custom Emotion on msn messanger live but i can't get ride of them because they are really anyoing me!!!! How can get ride of them. HELP PLEASE


say u are having a convo with on the smiley face that has all the emotions on it......

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How do u remove custom emotions on msn?

u kno those lil emotions ur friends send u and u can add. well i accidently added 1 with this guy laughing with the keyboard shortcut "ha" now whenever i rite sumtin with the phrase more


Open a chat- in MSN Messenger and click on the yellow smiley below. Than click on "My custom emoticons...

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On msn i have an emotion :) but i saved another one as that now i cant delete it and i cant use :) the msn one?

like there was this emotion :) but it wasnt the msn one now when i go to all my emotions and click the msn one it comes up the other one and its not lettinng me remove that one cause more


Go remove it from the All Emoticons place.

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How can i delete the new msn?

I went onto uninstall programmes but the new msn isnt on there for me to delete. I don't really want to delete my msn but somethings gone wrong, the emotions don't show up more


It will be under windows live.

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Msn emotions question?

if i create a custom msn emotion through the emotions menu on a conversation windows, can i use that emotion in my personal message. i know you can use the default emotions there more


Nope. No custom emotions can be seen in the personal message/your name. You might be lucky and find...

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