How can I delete my yahoo email account and password forever?

Let’s learn how can I delete my yahoo email account and password forever. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i delete a Yahoo account?

i have a yahoo email account and one day my password didn't work. can i still delete it? it has a lot of things and it kept on sending my contacts weird canadian drug websites without me doing this at all! please help!


Use this access:… and/or

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I received an email today saying that Yahoo will delete my email account if I don't respond with my password!?

I received an email stating that Yahoo is deleting email accounts because there are too many unused accounts. I received the email concerning the account I use every day! It says if I don't respond to the email giving them my email address, password...


Scam. Yahoo! would never request personal information in an unsolicited email. "Phishing"...

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if u want to give up yahoo u need to delete entire account visit Account Deletion page. https://edit...

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Can anybody tell me how to delete my yahoo account?

I have followed the promts for deleting a yahoo account, however this has not worked - it does not make sense. You are asked to verify you account with your password and then you have the choice either terminate or return to account info. When I click...


try reloading page you have to wait on the code Chat With,Email Or Call Yahoo

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I can't delete my yahoo email account?

I am trying to delete this yahoo email account but it is not letting me. I went to the terminate account page and did what it said but its saying my password is wrong and that i am entering the wrong code. I put the right password and code. It keeps...


You might be better off just not using your Yahoo! mail account. First you'll want to go to your Contacts...

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How can I establish different passwords for my Yahoo eMail and Yahoo Group page?

I have a Yahoo Group page with an 'attached' Yahoo eMail account. I am the Group Owner/Moderator, but I have recently gotten others to volunteer their time to help maintain the Group page. I have set them all up as Moderators - not Owners - so their...


As far as I am aware, there is no way to have separate emails to log into email vs groups. If you want...

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How can i access my yahoo email when i have forgotten one of my secret question answers?

I have forgotten my password and also forgotten the answer to my 2nd secret question on my yahoo email account.i can answer the first question correctly but not the 2nd.i really really need to access my email account,i know my family has tried to hack...


Yahoo has no way to verify an account is yours except as follows. A credit card and a date of birth...

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How to block a yahoo email account permanently?Need help?

Actually my previous yahoo account was hacked by someone. It was not taking my current password but due to secret question, birthday and other personal details, I have retrieved my yahoo account and got a new password. But further I have come to know...


» Go to:… » Sign In using your Yahoo! ID...

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Can they just delete a account on yahoo for no reason? help 10 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Can they just delete a account on yahoo for no reason? this is acutally a secondary yahoo email name but my original one wont let me log in and when i checked yahoo answers it say the info you are looking for is not available. well that was my original...


They can't just delete it for no reason. You might have said somehting inappropriate, or someone might...

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How can I access my POP account? I tried to create a regular Yahoo e-mail account but it never completed.?

They said that all that was available was a POP account whatever that is. Now I can't even access that. Maybe I should delete it and start over, but I can't access it! If I try to send mail to it, I get the MAILER DEMON failure. I have tried to get to...


For yahoo mail you have two options if you are using yahoo email you can upgrade to yahoo mail plus...

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