How can I delete my Yahoo email address?

Let’s learn how can I delete my Yahoo email address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I delete my alternate email address on Yahoo?

How can I delete them, because I already have ten of them and I can't make anymore? Please can you tell me, thank you.


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How can I save some emails and drafts if I want to delete my Yahoo email address and get another one without?

having to send each one to the new email address. Is there a way to do it without having to spend so much time emailing each one first to the new address before I delete the address I have now? Thank you all


I dont think there is a way

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How can I delete 1 of 2 yahoo addresses without adding another email address?

With the new beta profiles I got confused and added a second yahoo email address to my main account. I have tried to delete the 2nd address but it keeps saying to add another more


second yahoo email ? = an extra mail from your main account? if yes, sign in with the primary/main account...

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How can I eliminate/delete an email address with yahoo?

I would like to delete an email address ( that receive a lot of emails I don't care to read as a result of signing on a website.


The only way is? Say you made up your e-mail address on your sisters computer through her email address...

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How can I delete an email address I no longer use?

I have an email address ( that is sending spam to all my contacts. I want to delete it.


Sign into that account once more, then follow the prompts:

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How can I delete my full name from showing in front of my yahoo email address? I do not want my full name out?

What can I do to delete my firat and last name from appearing with my email address?


Just change the "From," or sending name, that displays to your recipients. Yahoo Mail » Mail...

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How can i delete someones email address from my yahoo account?

I found someones name and email address on my computer and i want to delete it how do i go about deleting it?


If you mean a contact, just check the box by their name and then click ''Delete''

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Can i delete my yahoo email address? if so, how????

please help me delete an old email address with some step by step instructions.. thanks so much..


Here is a link to delete the account. Make sure to read it thoroughly. Once it gets deleted you will...

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To delete your email account you have to delete the Yahoo ID that goes along with it. That means you...

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If I delete a yahoo email account, how long before I can recreate the same email address?

It's already been 92 days since I deleted the email. What's going on? I need to recreate it :O


9 months

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