How do I delete my hotmail live account permanently?

Let’s learn how do I delete my hotmail live account permanently. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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When I delete my hotmail account what happens to my windows live messenger account?

I deleted an old hotmail account of mine and I was wondering whether my msn messenger account will be deleted to?


First, if you delete the account you can never get it back, or use that ID name, either. And I believe...

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What happens when you permanently delete your MSN (windows live and hotmail) account?

Will you be deleted off people's contact and buddy list as well? What happens when someone tries to send you an email to the deleted account? Also, how do you delete YOUR MSN more


OK yea it wont delete it from there but it if they want to instant msg you it wont work ill just say...

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I am trying to delete a Windows Hotmail account but the links take me to Windows live?

Windows live then says before you can close this account you must first close the Hotmail Email Account which is what i wanted to do anyway.I'm going round in circles HELP!!!!!


Here is the deactivation page. To deactivate your Windows Live Hotmail account, click Close account...

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If i delete my msn/hotmail account will my xbox live account be deleted too? please read details?

i want to do this because microsoft or xbox has been taken money out of my bank account. i just wanted to buy a 3 month gold live membership for one time because i was unable to leave more


If you must delete your Hotmail/MSN account, CHANGE THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST! To do this...

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If I delete my hotmail account will it also delete the last message I sent via live spaces?

I was telling this girl about a secret account (I think it's secret) that her BF has but he was always a nice guy. They think I'm trying to break them up and he thinks I hold more


if you sent it, it will be in her in box and you can't delete it >only in your sent folder

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sometimes it can happen like this,i deleted my hotmail account but i could still log on and my password...

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If I delete my hotmail/live account will the email username be available again?

Will i be able to immidietly reclaim the name or will i have to wait a period of time before i reclaim it?


No you won't be able to reclaim it as soon as you delete it you will have to wait and estimated 146...

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How do I delete a Hotmail account?

Yes, I have realized HOW to delete the account on Windows Live Hotmail. However I got this message: "There is a Microsoft e-mail account (Windows Live Hotmail) associated with your account, so you can't close your Windows Live account immediately...


You could go under your email account settings, & there should be an area that says to delete your...

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