How would I delete a windows live email account?

Let’s learn how would I delete a windows live email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Use this link and follow prompts carefully:…

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Can I delete an email account on yahoo and windows live?

Quite a while ago i set up a few different email accounts for myself, for different things, such as, yahoo answers, work, friends etc, but they are getting too much to handle. it would be easy enough for me to hand out a new email address if i got one...


At least hotmail will delete your account if you don't use it for 3 months. So don't worry about it...

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To close your Windows Live account, Backup all your important mail and contacts. Go to the Close your...

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How do you delete an account on windows live messenger?

i have been hacked and i want to delete my email and my account on windows live messenger, but I don't know how, can you help?


You would need to contact Microsoft live support to assist on this issue, you can't delete on your own...

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How to delete window lives account email too?

I have a windows live email account and wanted to delete it, however it says I must de-activate my associated account too So I I want to know for those who have deleted their account how long does it take usually?


a deleted account will take mostly 30days for the site to fully terminate all the services that the...

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I am winning £ 500,000.00GBP yahoo/msn windows live promotion that is true or not?

The Yahoo/Msn Lottery IncorporationPO Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL,United Kingdom . Ref: XYL /YM35447XN Batch: YM 09102XN "Dear Winner Arivajagane Albert " Congratulations once again on behalf of the YAHOO/MSN WINDOWS LIVE PROMOTION We do believe...


I guess I wouldn't believe it until you have the check in hand. Hope it comes true for you.

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Windows live not letting me delete? PLEASE help I need to delete tonight?

Hi. Im trying to delete my windows live account and when i get to the close account and type in my password, it says this: There is a Microsoft email account (Windows Live Hotmail) more


Your Hotmail account deletes it's self after 60 days of non use. Or you can do it via this method.....

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Help! I received this suspicious email with a link to click to reset Windows Live password ?

Should i click on link to cancel request to reset windows live password as i never requested my password to be reset or just delete email or mark as phising. We received your request to reset your Windows Live password. To confirm your request and reset...


Sounds like someone else logged onto your account and tried to change the password. Ignore this message...

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Legitimate email from Window Live?

I received an email from Windows Live stating that they were going to delete my hot mail account unless I provided them with my login and password. Is this really legit?


No!!! That is nothing but a phishing scam! Do not answer that message, just delete it...

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