How do i create a windows email account?

Let’s learn how do i create a windows email account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I'm trying to create a 'Windows Live' or MSN user name using my 'Gmail' email account...?

I can't sign in as I haven't signed up yet but it keeps saying the user name is already taken. When I request a new password it says the user name is incorrect...any ideas?


Ignore the weird lady and her password recovery nonsense, listen to the weird man. The most likely cause...

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How do I use another Xbox Live email in WIndows 8?

Ok, so Microsoft have once again found another way of overcomplicating things. I have Windows 8, the beta version, and I want to link my Xbox Live account to the computer. The trouble is my Xbox Live email address is different from the one I used to...


Use it as the messaging account! Good luck!

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How to recover an email account?!?

Years and years ago when I was about 10 (i am 14 now) I created a windows live id to create an xbox 360 account. I now cannot remember the password but do know the id. I used to live in nc and I live in md now and when I was there I had a Microsoft Outlook...


If you couldn't remember your password, then you can recover it. Or else you can create your own once...

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Xbox live account not letting me use live, hotmail etc email addresses.!!!!!?

This is really starting to get on my nerves. I've tried about twenty times with different email addresses, ones i've used: The thing that really doesnt make sense is that when entering your email...


Where is this issue happening? Can you give the exact url if it is online?

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Domain account to be used for email only (no interactive logins)?

I am curious if it is possible to create a Windows AD user account which can only be used to send, receive and check email (i.e. I am trying to limit the number of interactive user accounts we have but keep getting requests...


Refer to: From menu: web hosting plans >>> email hosting Hope this...

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Whether or not someone else can create an account with the same name as one you've previously deleted...

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Can I create more than one PS3 online account using the same email address?

Can I create more than one PS3 online (or PSN) account using the same email address? Or can you only use an email address once? If you can use one email for only 1 account, if i change my contact email for one account, can i use that same email for a...


nope u cant ......

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If you've forgotten one of your windows live email account passwords , what can you do?

its been a long while since i used and logged into my windows live messenger and email account , ive forgotten the password, it only gives two options , to verify my identity by a secret question - which ive forgotten the answer to OR - to send the reset...


Is the question personal, or is it a fact and you have forgotten the fact, because if it is a fact we...

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Do I have to pay a fee for service to link my Yahoo email account with Windows email account?

I need to interface my yahoo email with the email account on my computer through Window. i was told I would have to a service fee in order to link these two together. If this is true, can I use a another email account that is free to link the two together...


In order to use a separate email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird...

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Which email provider did Mark Zuckerberg use to create his account on Facebook?

We need an email address to create an account on Facebook. Although he might have coded FB in such a way that he gets access without an email, I'm just curious if he ever used an email address to create his account. If yes, which email provider?


Probably it was a mail account. When facebook was started, it was eclusively for Harvard...

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