How can I delete my Yahoo Group without deleting my Yahoo account?

Let’s learn how can I delete my Yahoo Group without deleting my Yahoo account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Go to your My Groups page and click on the tab for Edit my groups....

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Im deleting my account & i havent heard from yahoo before, about deleting my FORMER group, what will they do?

i had a group & coulnt delete it & some sweet person offered to take group & see if it can be deleted & that person found out ( were both not blind now) LOL & that person coulnt delete it either, as no delete tab Visable, But im deleting...


If u want to give up yahoo u need to delete entire account visit Account Deletion page. https://edit...

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I am unable to receive new messages in my freecycle e-mail but they are visible in group account. ?

I have over 17,500 messages in freecycle group account and am unable to delete...please advise. I have no problem deleting in my personal yahoo account (the one I am not receiving any new messages).


from on any Yahoo group, if you're not the owner, you can not delete posts from there. The group site...

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Does deleting your Yahoo! account also delete your Yahoo! 360 account?

I am trying to delete my Yahoo! 360 account, and if deleting my Yahoo! account won't help me delete my Yahoo! 360 account, how do I delete my Yahoo! 360 account? Is it possible? more


Yes, most of the time, deleting your Yahoo account does delete your Yahoo! 360 service. However, there...

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About how to delete my yahoo group account?

could u help me in telling how to delete my yahoo group account i am the peron who created the group i want to delete only the yahoo group which i had created and not my yahoo mail account


while signed in on the web, go to the group and click management- under group settings should be a tab...

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How do I delete/remove my Yahoo 360 without deleting my Yahoo account?

i want to delete my yahoo 360 account but i dont want to delete my whole yahoo account!i still wanna get mail and stuff but i dont want my 360 anymore!


You cannot delete your 360 without deleting your whole account. But, you can delete everything off your...

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Can't delete post on wall of a yahoo group because of deleted yahoo account?

I put up a post on a yahoo group several months ago. However, the yahoo account I used to register with the group I have deleted recently without thinking about the consequences. Now I can't remove the post, because I don't have the original yahoo account...


The only way is to e-mail the groups owner and ask if they will delete it.

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If I delete my yahoo account will I also be deleting my google account?

I am thinking about deleting my yahoo account; but I am unsure if this will delete my google account since they are merged to gather


No, you can delete your yahoo account.

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How do i delete my yahoo answers account without deleting my yahoo email?

i know yahoo email and answers is one account but is there any way of deleting my yahoo answers profile? or deactivating it or whatever its called. i basically don't want a yahoo answers profile or any of my answers or questions on here anymore.


There is no way of deleting your answers account by itself, you can only delete your yahoo account in...

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How do I delete my Yahoo group if I deleted my Yahoo account?

So about three months ago I deleted my Yahoo account, but I just realized that my Yahoo group that I made on that account is still active. How do I delete it?


Can you be more specific please?

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