How can I download Yahoo messenger?

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Pls tell me that how can i download yahoo messenger version 7?

i want to download yahoo messenger 7...from pls tell me very fast that how can i get...bcoz i tried many times to download this software but i couldnt do it


go to it's provided by cnet. once there, you can type in yahoo messenger and it will...

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Does anybody know how I can get a Yahoo! messenger account without having to download Yahoo! messenger?

I don't have yahoo messenger because i already have pidgin messenger which is compatible with it and i don't want to download it. Does anybody know how I can get a yahoo messenger screen name without downloading yahoo messenger???


How can you have the YM when you don't want to download it? Once you have a yahoo mail account then...

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How can I download yahoo mail and yahoo tool bar if it didn't come with the yahoo messenger I downloaded?

The first time I downloaded yahoo messenger I got tool bar and yahoo mail window separately and when my computer crashed and it was fixed I download it over again and I just got yahoo messenger alone. How can I get the tool bar and yahoo mail window...


did you download the latest version? the latest version comes with both the toolbar and mail instantly...

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I have p-III pc with yahoo messenger. How can I download the voice messenger?

my pc is Windows Xp,P-III, 128mb sdram, 40gb hdd, modem, internet connection, headphones etc. when I try to download the yahoo voice messenger, it gives me a mseeage that "the version you are trying to download is existing. would you like to continue...


Lucky all you friends and most of your setting are saved on yahoos website.. So, Uninstall the yahoo...

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How can you download a yahoo pool aimer to the game of pool in yahoo instant messenger?

i play pool with people on my buddy list in yahoo instant messenger but i can't never win a game because i can't seen to line up a ball right, is there a auto aimer or yahoo buddy that can be downloaded into the pool game in yahoo instant messenger


if you use an aimer, whats the point in playing? there are aimers for the normal yahoo pool - i am not...

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How can I download Yahoo Messenger if I have Windows 98? (It syas it's for XP and 2000) :(?

My new computer broke so I have got my old computer up and running. (Somewhat) I'd like to download a version of Yahoo Messenger, and I tried to download the one on the "Get Messenger Now" page but it's only for Windows XP and 2000. Is there...


If you have Windows 98, you cannot install latest version (7.0) .. however, you can still download and...

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How can I download messenger and keep it in yahoo instead of in mac?

Because Mac is my software, I can't download Verizon ISP or Yahoo Messenger without it appearing in Mac. Why can't Messenger stay in Yahoo, Verizon dsl stay in I can go to these sites rather than these sites come to me. A much preferred...


Mac OS is what is on your machine. Win XP is on my machine. You have to download the version made for...

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I'd like to download Yahoo! Messenger Beta and all I see available is Messenger with voice. How can I get it?

Before I moved I was working with Yahoo! Messenger Beta and liked it. After I moved my pc crashed and now I need to get Beta again. All I see available is Yahoo! Messenger with Voice and I don't want it. Is Beta still available?


I'm not sure if it's here. But if you go to and click on yahoo, it has almost every...

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How can i download a new version of yahoo.messenger?

i have already an old version of yahoo messenger then i uninstall it because i want to download a new version.When i try to download a new version,there is an alert saying:internet explorer cannot open aborted


go to

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How can I download Yahoo Messenger version 8 so I can install it on another computer?

I want to download a copy of Yahoo messenger version 8 not for the computer that will be used to download it on but for another computer. This is because the one I will use to download it has broadband the one it will be installed on doesn't


v8.1.0.209 (for Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP) released 30 November 06 available for download directly...

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