How can I download my emails to Outlook Express?

Let’s learn how can I download my emails to Outlook Express. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to download sent emails from yahoo to outlook express?

Hello... I want to download the emails which i have sent through yahoo email and i want to save it on my local PC. I have tried using outlook express but it only downloads the emails from the inbox but not from the sent emails. How can i save sent emails...


You need IMAP for that. Yahoo only supports the POP3 system.

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How can I configure Outlook Express to download my BT Internet emails. What do I put in pop3 or smtp boxes?

I have a general idea of how to download emails into outlook. However when creating the accounts in outlook I can never remember what goes in the pop3 or smtp server boxes when trying more


When setting up an account, you need to enter in both the incoming and outgoing...

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How can I download windows live emails to outlook express?

I need to know the name of the servers to type in to download the messages. thanx


there is a workaround. Windows Live Hotmail will now allow you to forward your email to another address...

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I want to use a Free Outlook for my Yahoo or Gmail address to download, read & reply my Emails ouside Office.?

Does anyone know an Outlook Email programme thats Free, which i can use to freely and easily download, read and reply to my emails when Off-line. Just like the Corporate Outlook Express which is used by Organisations to easily read, download and reply...


Hello, Outlook Express is free and has an offline work mode. Go to the File menu and select Work Offline...

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I use Outlook Express as my email program, how do I prevent emails also appearing in Yahoo mail inbox?

I use outlook express as my default email program, this is password protected, i.e. I have to deliberately initiate a download of email into the inbox. My problem is that the same emails are already available for view in my BTyahoo mail inbox without...


Yahoo must be your ISP and, as your Internet Service Provider, all the emails coming to your assigned...

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Why is outlook express just start downloading duplicates of ALL of my emails? just started today. thanks.?

this morning I got an email (through outlook express) saying "Welcome to Yahoo Mail Beta 2007." I have been using Yahoo Mail Beta for years so I don't know why I received the email. Now Express is trying to download DUPLICATE copies of every...


Yet another problem Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. If you look you will find lots...

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Unable to get emails or send via my outlook express use to be fine ?

Last Monday all was well then Tuesday could no longer download or send emails via Outlook express no changes were made to anything but still cannot send or receive from Yahoo The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx', Server:...


Got mine working as follows:- Outgoing Server - I changed the outgoing server port to 587 and turned...

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My SPAM no longer has a [Bulk] prefix when I download it to Outlook Express?

For years I have been using Outlook Express to download my emails from Recently I find that the [Bulk] prefix is no longer there, every now and then I get one or two, but most of the time it is just missing. I have checked the POP3 settings...


Yes, I've just started noticing it. Very annoying. If your mail program can examine and filter based...

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HELP lost all emails, set up outlook express account?

my mum set up an poutlook express accounnt for me and forgot to tick the box to leave a copy of the messages on the server, I stoped the download (athough it had already finished) its only downloded 174 messages all for this month, Now when I go onto...


have you tried looking in the trash folder as there is copies in there,they get deleated every now and...

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