How do I download my Yahoo emails to Outlook 2003?

Let’s learn how do I download my Yahoo emails to Outlook 2003. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Download old yahoo emails to outlook 2003?

i configure my yahoo mail accout with microsoft outlook 2003. now i can receive and send emails using outlook 2003. how can i download old emails (that already downloaded in to the yahoo web mail) to my oullook folders


open outlook > from the tools menu > account settings - if you do not see account settings place...

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How to transfer (not forward) emails and folder from outlook 2003 to yahoo mail?

i setup a new pop3 account with yahoo so i can download mail from my pop3 account like outlook 2003 does. my prob is that i have existing emails and folders in outlook that i would like to transfer (not forward) to yahoo. how can i do this?


Forwarding is the only way sorry.

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Why can I not download my emails to Outlook anymore?

For the past week I have been getting an error each time Outlook 2003 tries to download my emails. Nothing has changed on my settings. What is going on at Yahoo that is causing this problem? Thanks. Susan


GREAT question - too bad Yahoo refuses to answer it. I am having the same problem with downloading to...

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Outlook 2003 on Vista can't retrieve my Yahoo emails.?

I have a new laptop using Vista and tried to set up Outlook 2003 to access my Yahoo (UK) mail but everytime I click on 'Send/Receive' Outlook connects to the Yahoo pop server successfully but then gives me an error message saying the login is incorrect...


U have to be not doing something right setting up outlook to yahoo. Go here for any and all the help...

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How can I keep all emails in my yahoo mail box after downloading in my outlook 2003 inbox?

I setup my outlook 2003 to receive all emails from my yahoo mail box, but I noticed whenever I open outlook it downloan all my yahoo emails without keeping a copy in yahoo mail box. I like to keep a copy of my mails in yahoo so that I can access form...


Go into the account settings within Outlook and click the option to keep a copy of messages on the server...

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How to download sent emails from yahoo to outlook express?

Hello... I want to download the emails which i have sent through yahoo email and i want to save it on my local PC. I have tried using outlook express but it only downloads the emails from the inbox but not from the sent emails. How can i save sent emails...


You need IMAP for that. Yahoo only supports the POP3 system.

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Outlook 2003, taking a long time to download emails?

I have Outlook 2003 on a Dell E6400 running XP. I use IPass to gain access to works VPN. When I connect to Ipass it takes a couple of seconds, to connect. Then open Outlook opens in 2/3 seconds, but then takes 5/10 minutes to download emails. The longest...


Well it could be your computer, but the biggest problem is just that your using microsoft outlook 2...

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Yahoo! Mail and Outlook 2003 deleting emails from outlook?

Ive connected my outlook to my Yahoo mail and i am able to send and receive emails (although it takes time to send them, going on about 2-3 hours). When i sync my outlook with my more


If you want to be able to read mail in both machines, you will have to configure the server to keep...

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For 2 yrs i have been able to download emails from Yahoo directly into outlook. Yesturday this stopped. Why??

yesturday the yahoo server stopped allowing Outlook to download my emails. i keep getting prompts for ID and Password. No response when i complete the prompts. I am guessing that this might be due to the new yahoo email Beta test that competes with Outlook...


no sorry thank you for the two points

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I want to use a Free Outlook for my Yahoo or Gmail address to download, read & reply my Emails ouside Office.?

Does anyone know an Outlook Email programme thats Free, which i can use to freely and easily download, read and reply to my emails when Off-line. Just like the Corporate Outlook Express which is used by Organisations to easily read, download and reply...


Hello, Outlook Express is free and has an offline work mode. Go to the File menu and select Work Offline...

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