How do I connect my Gmail to my Outlook 2003?

Let’s learn how do I connect my Gmail to my Outlook 2003. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I am trying to connect my gmail account with MS outlook 2003 but getting the following errors?

ERROR 1. Task ' Folder:Inbox Check for new mail.' reported error (0x800CCC0E) : 'Outlook is unable to download folder Inbox from the IMAP e-mail server for more


Setting outlook account U have not set up the account to the outlook service To do so go to start-settings...

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Gmail and Outlook 2003?

i want to sync my Gmail and Oulook 2003.. I'm not able to find the mails after i download it to outlook from Gmail. Even i've checked the option keep a copy on server in advanced tab settings.. After I enabled the outtlook all my mails got downloaded...


Best way to do this is to use IMAP instead of pop3. To do this, log into your Gmail, go to Settings...

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Why won't Outlook 2010 connect to my Gmail anymore?

My Outlook 2010 and iPhone always connected properly to my Gmail account before today. I have followed all the steps correctly including manual configuration of the POP settings. The email is recieved in my Gmail but Outlook reports an error saying it...


If your keep the messages on the server (Webmail) I suggest you delete the account and reinstall it...

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Can I connect a Gmail and an Outlook email account?

Well lemme fill you in on my problem.. Basically I bought an Ipad recently with a primary purpose of web-browsing and reading my mail. Now, my email account is an Microsoft Outlook one... Is there any way I can view my outlook messages and send messages...


In iTunes you can sync your outlook settings with your iPad.

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Can i connect gmail with outlook ?

can i connect gmail with outlook or i have to pay ?


No, you needn't pay. You can take some steps to connect gmail and outlook. Please check the information...

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How to Configuration gmail in outlook 2003?

as per gmail instruction I am not able to configure it. Please help me ?


As you said, as per gmail instruction you are not able to configure it.. you can try this.. http://sites...

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Gmail and Outlook Are Not Friends

Why did my Outlook inbox empty when I started forwarding messages to a new account? Posted for SO: In September I set up my work e-mail (uses Outlook 2003) to be sent to my gmail account so I could read e-mails at home/in other offices (I wasn't familiar...


I found the Outlook forwarding settings to be very confusing and complicated, so I opted to have gmail...

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How to save Gmail emails to my hard drive?

How can I save a Gmail email to my hard drive? I’d like to be able to save a bunch Gmail messages as text files on my hard drive*, but am not having any luck. I have enabled POP access for my Gmail account according to Google's instructions...


I've almost the same thing, using Thunderbird to access Gmail and download the contents of my account...

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Need a way to AutoRun a VPN connection before running Outlook

Need a way to AutoRun a VPN connection before running Outlook. OVERVIEW: Because of the Blaster virus scare affecting port 135 (exchange) I have just been forced to use a VPN connection to check my exchange acct(s). Our exchange hosting company has...


Hi sherpaj-ga! I realize I'm posting this answer before you responded to my clarification requests...

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One of three computer's Outlook Calendars won't sync or connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.How do I fix it ?

The office area I work at has a back office, side office, and front office. Outlook calendars are synced through Microsoft Exchange Server. Any of the computers can make a change on the Outlook calendar and the other computers can see the change on Outlook...


I suggest you to upgrade your computer with office product key right now! The best way to save your...

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