How can I edit apps on my yahoo toolbar?

Let’s learn how can I edit apps on my yahoo toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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To edit your apps, click on the green gear wheel to the very right of your toolbar. Click Edit apps...

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Why Can't I Edit my Yahoo! Toolbar Apps?

When I go to Settings > Edit Your Apps in Yahoo toolbar, it goes to the page, but under the Change Layout Tab my apps do not display. Therefor I cannot remove my apps or change more


If you right click on the toolbar a menu comes up to add or edit. There are 180 aps there to add or...

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How to edit yahoo toolbar apps?

how do i delete unwanted apps???


Click the gear icon at the far right of the Yahoo! Toolbar. Select "Edit Your Apps" and follow...

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I go to edit my yahoo toolbar to remove apps, then they are still showing up?

Okay, I noticed this past week or more that my Yahoo toolbar apps are there. I have gone to edit my apps, to remove some them! Now, every time when I go to open up my default Mozilla more


I'm having the same problem. About a week ago, I lost all my customized buttons on my Yahoo toolbar...

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My yahoo toolbar won't allow me to remove or edit my cusom apps. Help?

They don't even show up on the 'edit apps' page.


Yes i'm having the same problem it's very annoying to have all that crap on my page!

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Why isnt the new yahoo toolbar letting me add or edit my apps?

it keeps telling me that im not signed in , but i am. this happens every time i click on the toolbar's gear icon at the far right.


Yahoo toolbar is down right the message is straight from yahoo. To Yahoo! Bookmarks users: Yahoo! Bookmarks...

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You have a "branded" version of the Yahoo! Toolbar. Download and install a non-branded copy...

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I can't rearrange or change my yahoo toolbar apps?

I've been having trouble changing my apps in my yahoo toolbar. Everytime I click Edit Apps in my Settings the apps don't show up and it doesn't let me do anything. It won't even let me create a custom app. What should I do?


You shouldn't ask a question with half-*** details. You don't say what browser you are using. Is it...

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How do I change the LAYOUT of the Yahoo Toolbar buttons? Aren't the Custom buttons moveable?

I've gotten really frustrated with the Yahoo Toolbar. I've loaded up 6 Custom Buttons - but want to change their placement order in the Toolbar (left to right). However, whenever I go to the EDIT YOUR APPS - and click on LAYOUT - so I can change their...


I have the same problem and I'm using IE 8 and WIndows 7. I made the mistake of trying to uninstall...

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I cannot find any of my apps on my Yahoo toolbar, what happened to them?

All I have on my toolbar is the purple & white "Y", the white search box, the tan box with the black SEARCH word, 2 vertical white lines and finally the grey refresh button (wheel). I used to have quite a few apps on my tool bar and also...


The latest yahoo toolbar is a joke...its disappeared on me....its turned diffrent colors.....some of...

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