How can I transfer my bookmarks in Yahoo toolbar to another toolbar?

Let’s learn how can I transfer my bookmarks in Yahoo toolbar to another toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I remove the yahoo search bar on the yahoo toolbar?

This has been going on for a while now, and I'll start with the story. I like my yahoo toolbar, its button and bookmarks, however I dislike their search area, for specifically one reason. when ever I type in google search, it also transfer the search to the yahoo toolbar, and then pushes my buttons, and i end up not find some that was at the end of the toolbar. If it's not possible to remove the toolbar, is it possible to stop all the double searching? I use the newest version of Firefox.


You may submit your suggestions to the Yahoo toolbar circular file here:

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How do I transfer some of my Yahoo toolbar bookmarks from one ID to another?

I have tried using favtool.exe as was suggested on the export screen, but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Thanx.


Ask on :)

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My yahoo toolbar bookmarks button disappeared.?

Don't recall if I was getting new version of Yahoo Toolbar (for Firefox) or Firefox 3.0.1 that caused it. I have since reinstalled both but still no button. The "Add/Edit Buttons" feature doesn't work i.e. bookmarks is checked but not showing...


You might try the following: Under Firefox click Tools, click Options, click Privacy tab (at top) and...

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Where are my saved bookmarks from yahoo toolbar/?

on my laptop, i used firefox with a yahoo toolbar where i saved all my bookmarks..i saved my toolbar w/ the option of being able to access it from any computer. i am unable to view my yahoo toolbar w/ its bookmarks on other comouters. how can i view...


The Yahoo toolbar is only supported for the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. You don't need the...

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How do I reset my yahoo bookmarks after having to download the new Yahoo toolbar because of thinkpoint virus?

after thinkpoint block infected the yahoo toolbar and caused Internet Explorer to stop working, microsoft support recommended uninstalling yahoo tool bar from program to delete the virus, then going to yahoo and installing a new virus free bar. when...


The bookmarks app in the updated Yahoo toolbar is now optional. Click the gear icon at the end of the...

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I have the yahoo toolbar but still can't get my bookmarks. I went to yahoo bookmarks & tried to add them to the toolbar. Now what!?

No link for bookmarks on the toolbar or way to add them to my home page like they were before. I copied them to chome but can't get them to work in Yahoo which I'm beginning more


Just gone to My Yahoo where all my bookmarks used to be. Now they have all disappeared. I'm so fed up...

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Can the updated Yahoo! Toolbar Yahoo! Bookmarks tab open bookmarks in the current tab rather than a new tab?

Is there a way to get the updated Yahoo! Toolbar Yahoo! Bookmarks tab to open bookmarks in the current tab, like the earlier version did, rather than a new tab?


I haven't found a way to do this either. Really annoying. Anyone know of another good toolbar for Firefox...

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My yahoo toolbar won't show my bookmarks when i click on Bookmarks (toolbar).?

So then I have to click "Go to Bookmarks" in order to access my sites. And to add to my frustration, when I try to save a bookmark it keeps saying error and to try again. However when I go to Yahoo! Bookmarks and actually type in the URL and...


I have no answer, but your not alone...I tried to add a bookmark last night & it started the same...

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Anyone know how to purge (delete all) bookmarks from the Yahoo Toolbar?

I was really enjoying Yahoo Toolbar until I decided to clean up my bookmarks. I need to delete (purge) all of my folders and bookmarks but it appears to be impossible. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help. The bookmarks keep coming back even if...


I updated my bookmarks and it has made it so simple to delete folders. With the beta all you do is check...

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Why doesn't Yahoo Toolbar always let me save bookmarks?

There have ben times when I am not able to save a page to my Yahoo Toolbar bookmarks and then I have to log into MyYahoo page and save it in the bookmarks there. Is there a way to merge both? Then I will stop using Yahoo Toolbar bookmarks.


I don't know but I have that problem sometimes, too. It must be another of yahoo's many glitches.

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