How can I transfer all of my Yahoo email files to a document file in my documents?

Let’s learn how can I transfer all of my Yahoo email files to a document file in my documents. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I think the best way is to forward your yahoo mail to an email program (Outlook, outlook express, etc...

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Why is that when i sent thru my yahoo email files in word document when sent to globelines email, files will o?

why are word documents sent from yahoo email to globelines email when open, it will open in java?


I have this problem too :(

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Photo document in Publications document to attach to email, yahoo won't let me do this, it says invalid file n

I am trying to send a photo with an email. I can't drag it over. I have to include it as an attachment. Yahoo won't let me do this. It does not recognize the files name of It also does not recognize the document name. I just want...


Can you save the photo as a gif or jpg? Also mail is probably having trouble with the two dots in the...

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Does yahoo look at the files i transfer over messenger or email?? persnl files..plzzzzzzzzzzzz help!

is it a straight peer to peer transfer or is thre a copy of file stored on server??


they dont look its kool

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I take it you tried browse and open first before you pressed attach

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How do I add files containing more than one document to my Yahoo email?

I am only able to add one document at a time, which means that a file containing 10 docs must be transferred one at a time and then opened one at a time by the recipient.


You can put all those documents into a folder then convert that folder into a zip folder then you can...

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Why would Office 2007 documents only open as a ZIP file?

Why would an Office 2007 document ONLY open with a .zip extractor? I work in a library. We have Office 2007 on our computers. Several times now, I have had students create a document in Word or Excel and save it with a 2007 extension (.docx or .xlsx...


Well docx files are really zip files under the cover. The webmail system may be being super tricky as...

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How do I move files with the new system?

First of all, I have mostly used computers that have a certain way of transferring or copying files. I have been used to the kind of system in which I click on the file and then it is highlighted, and to the right side of the screen there are choices...


Hold CTRL.. Left Click the files to copy.. Then Right click one of the.. Highlighted files.. Hit Copy...

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Did Yahoo uk have a Lottery draw on 25 February, announcing 5 lucky winners receive GBP1000,000. See email.?

CLAIMS PROCESSING FORM Dear Winner, Congratulations from all the staff here. In order to formalize your winnings, we need your particulars for record purpose. Attached here is a copy of our verifications form, fill accordingly so as to proceed with your...


It is scam. Yahoo do not run a lottery, if they did you could guarantee it would be advertised all over...

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Why can't I attach an encrypted winzip file to yahoo email?

Hello, I'm using yahoo email (online) and I try to attach a encrypted winzip (zip) file to my yahoo email, but after the file finishes uploading; there is a message that says: "There was a problem! No file specified. Please try again.". This...


If they have an answer for you why are you asking it. Yahoo holds the legal rights to any such content...

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