How can I find out what tax code I'm on?

Let’s learn how can I find out what tax code I'm on. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Im on PAYE but didnt work a full financial year and am not working until Sept. How can i get a Tax rebate?

I worked until Feb 27th in my job this year before going travelling for six months. Im PAYE but could find a months tax handy while im away. How do I go about getting this back. My Mrs got hers back in her wages before she left. How do I go about getting...


I would have expected employer to pay your refund on last payday for tax year (last payday before 5th...

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Help need information about Tax code BR and p45?

I started a new job in august and after months of requesting my p45 from my previous employer have still not received it. I have tried contacting my local tax office but can never get through and cant find the relevent information i am looking for online...


If this is your only job right now - get a P46 from your employer - tick Box B - fill in personal bits...

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My tax code is Ot W1 and im paying tax but i dont earn enough to pay tax what should i do?

im 17 and have just started part time work at pc world however ive now had two pay slips and had tax deducted from both when i shouldnt have done my employer has sent off a P46 form. my current tax code is Ot W1 , what should i do?


It's probably an emergency tax code! You will probably get it back but ring the tax office if your still...

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I have just recived my payslip and it says im on NI A and tax code BR? its taxed me 57£ in total im only 21?

i have just recived my first pay slip and it has taxed me 57£? it says my national insurence number code is : A and my tax code is BR i have been told this is a temp code? and i will be refunded? i only got paid 225? why is it so much? and what...


Welcome to the world of work my friend :-) As the previous respondents have said, you have been placed...

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The tax man has changed my tax code and im paying 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

My tax code has just changed and the tax man is taking 50% of my money every month,i have tried all the help numbers on the tax site but nobody answers,has anybody been in the same situation and is there a secret number to call the taxman,I am on low...


If you have an underpayment for a previous year, tax office can only take proportion of underpayment...

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My tax code is 547T, Im age 58 and have been working for sainsburys for 3 and a half years?

what does this tax code 547T mean for me, is it a normal tax code or is it a high tax code


Last time I checked the T suffix was used as a temporary tax code whilst they were awaiting information...

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How to find out if I have the correct tax code?

Im not sure if i have the correct tax code at the moment (&&I dont really understand the codes and I have looked online and just feel really lost! Could someone explain it to me - simply =p) My tax was really high this month.. 1/4 of my wages...


Code 0T - you are getting precisely no allowances. You should have received a notice of coding to go...

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Turbo Tax says my tax return was rejected? how do i find the error code to get help?

My state tax return was rejected and I need to get "help" but I cant find the error code to do that.


Contact the State Tax office or TT and see if they can provide any insight.

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How to change my TAX CODE (im currently on BR - Emergency Tax)?

since ive started work which was a year and half ago, ive been automatically on BR. after tax i get around £650 and get taxed around £200 how do i change my taxcode so its not on emergency tax?


Phone the contact centre, have your National Insurance Number, employer reference, pay slip. I am assuming...

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I heard there is a website that allows you to check your tax code, i cannot find it on google HELp?

I think im paying too much tax, i heard there is a website that goes through all your circumstances and allows you to make sure you are on the correct Tax Code. Is this true and if so what is it?


phone inland revenue - go on the website to find which number you need to ring,

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