How can I find out what is on this small recorded tape I have?

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How can I find out what is on this small recorded tape i have?

it contains film i recorded on my friends camera. It is a small tape (TDK is the brand), is there any way (without the camera) i can find out what is on it?


It sounds as if you need a VHS Play pack.It is adaptor that you put camcorder tapes in to play them...

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Hey Rose, You should post this in the Family Category of Yahoo!Answers, maybe you will get some responses...

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I have been trying to find the name and artists of a certain song I heard and tape recorded back in 1967-70?

The Lyrics to this song go as follows and contains lyrics as When Im close to you, I can hear the angels sing, when im close to you, what else could I do,but tell you that I love more


Naaa, I know it aint Frank sinatra. It was a song from probably a british band.

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Can I recover DV footage that was recorded with a mis-aligned tape head?

I recorded quite a bit of dv footage for a short film I'm working on. Only later did I find out that the tape head on my camcorder (Sony TRV900) was out of alignment. The footage is blocky and there is no audio, but the physical tape isn't damaged. I...


Head alignment problems usually show only when you try and play the tape back on a different camcorder...

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Eliminating Tape Hiss And Rumble?

I have a number of interviews I recorded 25 years ago onto cassette tape that I've downloaded to wav files. The tape hiss and rumble are very prominent and I was hoping I could find something in Easy Media Creator 10 that would allow me to eliminate...


You need something a little more sophisticated mate. There is a very good open source (free) sound editor...

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Where can I find old NBA game tape, from the 1990's era, besides

I'm looking for NBA game tape from the Atlanta Hawks (1992-1996), and Portland Trailblazers (1996-2001). I did order some from a guy a few years ago in Ohio called Kevin Bondurant, but have misplaced his details, has anyone made contact with him. He...


please visit

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Where can I find this obscure recording?

I'm trying to locate a circa 1992 live recording of Die Warzau's "Land of the Free". Any clues as to where it might have been released? Several years ago I received a mix tape that included this song, and I've been trying to track it down ever...


Found a track of the song at with your monologue in the listenable sample. It's Land Of...

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How come they let us know about a tape in the air-crash on 9/11, 5 years later?

Can we be sure the tape really was recorded in the plane? I find it very hard to believe!


The tape was made known 5 years ago. They recovered the flight recorder and said that there was information...

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Importing video (on tape) to computer (edit with Windows Movie Maker)?

I recorded a video onto a tape on my Sony Handycam earlier today. I have the USB cord and I can't seem to find it anywhere on my computer. This is my first time connecting it to more


You need to install the software disc that came with your camcorder. For downloading your videos you...

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Where Can I find a 8mm vhs adapter?

My friend recorded this funny video on her camcorder with a 8mm tape, but I can't find a 8mm vhs adapter anywhere to play it.


Sorry, you won't find one, they don't exist...Its a simple explanation why, the 8mm tape will not be...

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