How can I lower the resolution on a video I recorded?

Let’s learn how can I lower the resolution on a video I recorded. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you judge the resolution of video recorded with digital camcorders?

Some digital camcorders boast of 10.2 megapixel resolution for stills. However there is no mention of video resolution. Is video resolution somehow related to the resolution of more


resolution of a digital video is generally taken to be the pixel count. QVGA (the most common movie...

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I try to record high resolution video using tv capture card but recorded video is choppy. what is causing this

When i record low resolution video the result seems normal and picture is not choppy.


You have a bad graphics card, probably integrated. Purchase a new graphics card for your pc. That will...

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The only way to change the resolution of the video would be to put it on your PC and shrink it using...

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Recording and Synching Music with Video

Need help choosing hardware and software and developing procedure to synchronize music tracks with live-action video. Background: I have a bunch of songs and want to make a sort of puppet show-live action video that incorporates them into a musical play...


DM, I saw your original "no new Apple computer" requirement -- that's why I said you wouldn...

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10 pts...How can I upload video in youtube?

this is the situation, I want to record a video from my favourite tv show and upload it to youtube (I know it is copyright owned or whatever they called that). The thing is, when I record a video from a tv through my video cam, there is this black horizontal...


The black horizontal lines come due to the closeness of you cam from the TV. You should perhaps move...

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Okay, my friend is making a music video for a school project, she recorded all te video on her iPod touch. Video from an iPod touch is like an upright rectangle when you upload it. How can we convert/ format the video, so it looks like a normal video...


it is related to your iPod there is no problems with you video if you want to change the video to have...

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How good is the video capture quality for the Palm Treo 700?

The Palm Treo 700 can take pictures with a resolution of about 1.3mega pixels. How would you rate the resolution or picture quality of video that is recorded on the Treo 700? This more


here is the real answer. its ok quality it dosent really lag at all but its good for just everyday things...

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Built-in iSight or iPhone 4 for quick video shoot?

I have to shoot a quick, five-minute video that's basically a vlog: just me talking into the camera. To film it, I can use either a built-in iSight camera on a 2008 pre-unibody MacBook Pro, or an iPhone 4. Which one would be the better choice? Yeah,...


I'll have quite a bit of blind trial and error making sure the shot is lined up right. You could use...

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Computer resolution bug?

So one day, I turn fraps on to do some recording work for a video game (This is what I do, I record footage, I make commentaries and strategy guides and reviews) I boot up one of these games, specifically call of duty 4 to the normal resolution which...


1280 x 1024 is the old 4:3 ratio TV and computer monitor standard ( not widescreen ). 1280 x 720 ( ...

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What is the resolution of VHS?

Nowadays, with digital media, picture "quality" is defined by primarily two factors: resolution and frame rate. All things being equal, less pixels per frame and less frames per second result in a lower-quality video of smaller file size. However...


In order to really answer your question, I'd have to go into a lot of detail that would be best provided...

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