How can I lower my heart rate?

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The only way you can lower your resting heart rate is by doing regular exercise, eating a balanced diet...

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How can i lower my heart rate by 20 bpm?

Im an 18 yr old male, quite a good build, not fat at all, i work out quite alot but i only do weights. However my resting heart rate is qute high for my age (80 bpm). So my question is, how can i lower my heart rate by about 20 bpm so it goes down the...


A normal heart rate for an adult is 60-100, so 80 is normal. But to lower your heart rate you need to...

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How can I raise my blood pressure and lower my heart rate?

My heart rate is currently 146 and my BP is at 89/66. I am feeling very dizzy, light headed, and nauseous. What can I do to raise my BP and lower my heart rate? I know that salt will help with the BP, but that would probably make my heart rate worse...


If you're just sitting down (and didn't just exercise and you ate something today) and your pulse is...

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How can I lower my heart rate without lowering my already low bloodpressure?

My heart rate is too fast, but my blood pressure is ultra-low. How do I lower my heart rte without lowering my blood pressure?


run or do alot of strenuous physical activity. I run marathons, so my heart rate is at 45 beats per...

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How can I lower my running heart rate ?

I am a 42 year old male, 75kgs 5ft 10". My resting heart rate is about 80. Started running 2-3 times a week in the last year. When I start to jog, it gets upto the max "safe" limit of about 170bpm within the first 800meters and stays there...


Hello. your resting heart rate seems high. Athletes usually have resting rates of about 60 or lower...

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How can I lower my heart rate at bedtime?

I have a pretty low heart rate (around 60 bpm) during the day, and my blood pressure is slightly below 120/80. However, when I lay down to go to bed, my heart starts racing and more


You should try meditating. Relax and just calm your body down. Try breathing slowly by taking in deep...

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How can i get a lower heart rate?

it says that a heart rate above 85beats per minute can be dangerous. is that true? mine is 106 beats per minute? what can i do to fix this?


normal HR is 60-100 beats/minute. If you just finished doing exercise or something that got your rate...

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What are the causes of a high heart rate? How can you lower it?

I'm 16,had hepatitis A last year and now currently living with a high basal heart rate of about 110 bpm. The doctor paid no heed the last time I visited. Is this dangerous?


Demand to see a cardiologist and get it checked out.

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How do I lower my heart rate?

I'm 5'1.5", weight fluctuates between 95-100 I guess right now. I'm 24, female. Exercise pretty much every day, walking for two hours or so. I have trouble eating "enough" at the moment, because of illness, but it's plenty enough for me...


something called the valsava manoeuvre. hold you nose and close your mouth and blow as if you were trying...

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How can i slow my heart down from medications that increase heart rate??

I take a medication that increases my heart rate. It's beating at 96 beats a minute right now (I'm a 32 year old male). I know this isn't overly fast - however, the heart is beating super strong. I can feel it my chest beating and I hate it. How can...


Is this the heart rate at rest? If it is then you need to contact your doctor. 96 is way too high for...

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