How can i reset monitor resolution back to normal?

Let’s learn how can i reset monitor resolution back to normal. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I can't reset my screen resolution for my new monitor.?

I have windows XP and have just got a new monitor for my computer. The monitor is widescreen and needs a resolution of 1400X900 and it is not on my resolution list. how can i fix this?


Do you have drivers for your monitor? If you install those then they should come up as options. Another...

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Press the F8 key while you are booting up. This will allow you to chose to boot up in Safe Mode and...

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How can I reset my second monitor resolution?

I have a laptop (HP Pavilion G7) and a Salora Tv screen/monitor. I connected them both with a VGA cable and it worked perfect. I set my computer to "Second screen only" so more


Unplug the 2nd monitor and reboot your laptop. this should go back to normal state.

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Multi monitor resolution reset?

I've got a dual monitor set up and I accidentally set my second monitor to primary/only display and set the resolution too high so both monitors went black. I restarted in safe mode with both monitors by themselves and reset the resolution but when i...


Boot to safe mode and reinstall the driver for both monitors. then restart, and choose the resolution...

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My monitor's resolution reset itself?

The last time I boot my computer, the monitor's resolution was reset. What could be causing this? I don't have a virus


most common cause is games, second is probably corrupt driver

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How can I reset screen size + resolution on a dell inspiron?

Hi I have a dell inspiron 1501 - visa home premium - . Earlier today i tried to connect it to an LCD tv. When I attached to SVG cable to the laptop it automatically reset the Monitor all the icons and the browser . How can I reset the laptops screen...


Hold the FN key and press F8 should also help the computer to reset and make it realize that the TV...

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Computer monitor "no signal" please help!!!! ?

The power supply got pulled out from the tower a few weeks ago and I got home tried to put it in. Booted up and the screen displayed "no signal". I've tried everything I can think of... Making sure all cables are in properly Unplugged the screen...


You might try rapidly cycling the power switch on the monitor. SOME monitors switch between VGA and...

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How to change screen resolution Windows XP when I can't read anything on the screen.?

I was messing with an adapter was supposed to let me output my computers video to my TV, it is just a simple VGA Svideo adapter, so you have to set the resolution correctly for it to output correctly. I was messing with the resolution settings for what...

Answer: mode will do exactly that

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I have a big problem with my computer. The screen resolution is all messed up and I can't adjust it back. Help?

My little brother was messing with the options on our new Vista computer and changed the resolution. I can't get It back like it used to be. When I adjust it, it's either to small of to big. I have a generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. I don...


wipe the lot then reformat it

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