How can I fix my xbox live connection?

Let’s learn how can I fix my xbox live connection. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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There is no confirmed method to fix your connection to connect to all of your friends on XBox Live.

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Why is my xbox live connection so unstable and how can I fix it?

I seem to be able to log on at various times but often I can't. When I am able to log on, I get disconnected in a moments notice. I have a wireless Internet connector that hasn't given me any trouble up until now, when we moved into our new house. At...


It could be your NAT type, some games tell you what NAT type you have. Open is best but if you have...

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How do i fix my xbox live connection with my NETGEAR router WNR2000v3?

ok recently i have been disconnecting a little from xbox live parties, which is not a big deal for me. When i play GTA IV I usually have a good connection with the occasional "you have lost connection with one or more players" After that happens...


You do need to open some ports in the router for Xbox to work correctly. Portforwarding is used to accomplish...

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Why is my xbox live connection so bad? Can anyone help me fix it?

Im always on the computer and Playing World of warcraft without lag. None what so ever its perfect. But when im on xbox live its terrible. My connection to my router is 4 bars green but whenever i play it is always red. I recently bought a new router...


Are you looking to have an elite World of Warcraft account? Now you can be level 80 in 7 days and generate...

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How do i do this on my computer to fix my xbox live connection?

Heres the text copied and pasted : Go to the System blade, select Network Settings and then Test Xbox Live Connection. You'll be able to see what sort of NAT your system is behind, and if it's set to Moderate or Strict then you will only be able to connect...

Answer: all your answers are here

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How Do I Fix My Bad Connection With XboX Live?

I have a Wireless Connection! The Router is just a few steps away... (2-4 meters i think) My Router is a D-Link Wireless N Home Router DIR-615 On my Laptop i have a very good connection but when i play games on the Xbox it's just one red line... so any...


Try going into your router settings from your PC and forwarding the " Xbox live ports" to...

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How do i fix my XBL(xbox live) Connection?

Well i have at&t highspeed internet. My router is a 2WIRE,it was provided by at&t. Ive had really good connection with XBL until i got my laptop. Then it got a little worse when i would use XBL and my Laptop at the same time. Now i have a new...


go to your modems home page and change the power of the modem to the highest. this should help if one...

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Try to unplug the wifi from the back of the 360 and then plug it back it. This should correct the problem...

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How do i fix my connection to xbox live?

I got up this morning to get on xbox and all of the sudden i could get on xbox live, like it didnt show my friends or the game marketplace or anything. I thoght that my gold more


No it's nothing wrong with your connection. Xbox live will be down for about 24 hours starting at 1...

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