How do i fix my xbox 360?

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How do I fix my xbox 360 slim's open tray problem?

(PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT XBOX 360 SLIM REPAIRS, I BEG YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE THING) I have had my xbox 360 slim for almost two years now. about a year and a half ago, i ringed a game by tripping on my xbox. (I know I know) the problem didn...


sounds like you need a new dvd drive you can purchase one yourself here

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How do I fix 2 red rings on my xbox 360?

My xbox 360 (non Slim) was getting 2 red rings. It would only red ring when I played games that required a lot of power to run. So if I played Halo Reach it would crash after 15 mins. However it would work all day with out red ringing if I played games...


Send it back to microsoft. They can fix almost all the problems for xbox 360.

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If i have xbox live gold on my Xbox one why dont I have gold on the same acount on the Xbox 360 how do I fix it help?

So I had gold on my Xbox 360 then it expired but then I renewed it got an Xbox one and I had it on there and my gold expired on my 360 but not the one


Explain in more detail please.

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Why do I always get a corrupt xbox profile when I put my hdd in another 360? How do I fix this.?

I just bought a new xbox 360 to connect to the internet to go along with the one that was used for playing offline. One is a 20gb model and the other is an arcade version. I have removed the hard drive from the 20gb model and placed it in the new arcade...


Is your old xbox modded by any chance? cuz i just recently went out and bought an elite because my old...

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How much should I charge to fix xbox 360 red ring of death?

How much should I charge for an x-clamp fix? How much should I charge for a "penny" fix? How much should I charge for a mix between the x-clamp fix and "penny" fix? Should I make them sign a contract stating that I am not responsible...


Make it a flat fee. I've personally fixed dozens of them and I've only had one person complain about...

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How can i fix my xbox 360's disc reading problem?

So a while back, I had signed up for the xbox dasboard beta update, and in about late november, i finally got it. the problem was that after i got the update the disc would never play the first time around, it would always take about 3-4 tries to work...


Try calling Microsoft 1-800-469-9269

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How can I fix the XBox 360 "open tray" error?

I have the xbox 360 "open tray" error — the DVD drive spins up, reads the disc, and then pretends there's nothing there (going back to "open tray" instead of playing the disc). I ruled out the laser not seeing the...


You can replace the DVD drive quite easily if you are willing to desolder the logic board from the non...

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How do i fix my xbox 360 mic....?

I was playing fifa 12 on xbox 360 and I was messing around and by accident I pulled the mic out of my controller hard, but not hard enough where I would think I broke it or anything. In game or in xbox parties it shows up saying I have a mic plugged...


ok, try these steps in this order: 1. check the volume switch on the headset and make sure its up. then...

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How Would I Fix my Xbox 360 Ring of Death problem?

I was playing a game on my xbox 360 when i had to go do a quick task so i turned it off. When i came back and tried to turn my xbox back on i got the 3 rings of death. I also noticed that the outlet plug to the AC adapter was loose. i've had this xbox...


1st get motherboard of the 360 out then look at the xclamp 2nd remove it so you can take off the small...

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How do i fix my 2 red lights on xbox 360?

ok so my xbox showed me 3 rings about a month ago ive tried turning it off and on throughout the month finally today i turned it on and it only showed me 2 red lights with is better then 3 i know that 2 red lights means overheating but how can that be...


Don't be such a sad stupid cow and play on it 24/7 like a nerd!!

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