How can I force the login to a specific ip address?

Let’s learn how can I force the login to a specific ip address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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Is it Possible to Force a Login Depending on the IP Address?

I am trying to deter bots from surfing my pages. So I want to force a login from all Ip Address that are not the top 4 search engines. Is this possible?


Have you considered using a robots.txt file to minimize unwanted traffic from automated spidering tools...

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I use my company IP address: I can not login in

I have my yahoo emial for long time. I can login yahoo Email in any other IP address, but I can not login or yahoo e-mail using IP address. The computer shows: no response for login or yahoo mail. Please tell me waht...


Do you realise what you have done? you have made your companies IP address public now every hacker in...

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How can I force my Mac to get a DHCP-assigned IP address instead of a ZeroConf IP address on WiFi?

My OS X Mac failed to connect to a particular Wi-Fi network, because it self-assigned an IP address rather than letting the network assign it one. How can I prevent this?


If your Mac has self-assigned an address in the 169.254.X.X/16 network range, that's a "zero configuration...

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Call yahoo and ask them to trace it for you.Tell them you have security concerns.

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Facebook Login: Says logged in from somewhere else/different IP address:

I just checked my security on Facebook. It says I'm logged in from a city 50 something miles away, and the I.P. address that it shows is not mine. What is going on here? I am on Safari, Mac OS X. I logged in with Firefox, same thing. When I logged in...


some one trying to hack your account change all the passwords and malware settings . retrieve the ip...

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Log of login details for YM i.e. IP Address, date and time?

I am interested in knwoing whether Yahoo! maitains any kind of log which stores data about my login details for YM e.g. IP address of the machine from which logged in, date and time when I logged in and out. Sometimes, even if you don't log in from another...


Yahoo have recorded IP address for a long time now. I f you are getting the error about "you have...

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When I checked on my recent login activity there is another IP address that is not mine what can I do?

I think my email has been hacked. When I checked my recent login activity I found that I have another IP address logging in on my account from somewhere in California and I live in Texas. Where do I report that. It is have changed my password...


According to belong to anonymous proxy. Change your password...

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Online Anonymity: How can I access websites requiring a login, whilst protecting my IP address?

I love using Pinterest, but am concerned about the potential for getting sued and having to bear not only my own legal costs, but pinterest's, as well. (See My intended solution is to create a fake online identity...


Just use Tor, plus or minus a privacy-protecting proxy like privoxy or polipo. Tor is free and has been...

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Can I legally do something to force a website to stop showing my IP address publicly?

A website seems to think I am an spammer, which I am not (but that's another story for another time). This website is publicly displaying my IP address AND my E-Mail address to the world without my consent, and this is obviously violation of privacy...


On the IP address side, unless you specific purchased a static IP address, chances are that IP was get...

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Get ip address of login?

My account was logged into this afternoon. I am looking for the IP address of the computer that logged in. How do I get this?


contact the account holder. Even if you had an IP address its not like you could do anything with it...

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