How can I get MSN messenger on my mac?

Let’s learn how can I get MSN messenger on my mac. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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MSN Messenger won't download on my mac!?

I have a macbook pro with Mac OS X and whenever I attempt to download MSN messenger and then attempt to sign in I get a message saying "A newer Version of MSN Messenger for Mac is available. You must download the newer version in order to continue using MSN Messenger. Would you like to do this now?" I click yes, and it takes 30 minutes for the update to download, but when it is finished nothing happens! MSN closes, so I go to open it up again and I get the same message! I've tried uninstalling...


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What is the best version of msn messenger I can get for my apple mac computer?

I have an apple mac OS X 10.4.11 and would like msn messenger but I'm not sure which one to get, where from or even if I can. Please Help Thanks


I too would recommend Adium. It works with every IM network known to man, and is highly customisable...

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How do you get msn messenger on an Apple/Mac?

My sister purchased a apple laptop but does not know how to get msn messenger to appear on it. Is there a website and when it downloads where does it go on the laptop? On the desktop or in a folder? Any info would be great


yes, better download msn messenger from apple website.. updated latest version for mac on this link...

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Whats the most updated version of msn messenger, and how do i get it with a mac?

i want to updated my recent msn messenger so that i can see someone by webcam, but i dont have a webcam, help with this please?


Try on your mac browser : yahoo messenger for the web : When you get there it says : try it free and...

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I can't get MSN messenger to work on my mac,help?

Ok,every time I've downloaded the messenger it comes up with this stupid thing and it refuses to let me sign in.this is what pops up more


try looking at this youtube video it shows you how to get msn windows live messenger.

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Is it possible to get the newest MSN messenger on a Mac?

Want to download the newest version of MSN messenger onto a Macbook but I'm sure sure if it's possible. Looking for webcam capabilities and everything else that comes with more


You can use MSN Messenger on a Mac but I doubt it's the latest version and I'm fairly sure it doesn...

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MSN messenger is currently only available to PC owners with Windows XP or newer.

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MSN Messenger for Macs can be downloaded from Microsoft's MSN Messenger for Macs page (See links below...

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I had come to the conclusion that you could not - but after reading the excellent answers to your question...

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How do you get msn on a mac?

I used to have a pc but now i have a mac, and i don't know how to get msn on it. i don't really like using meebo and when we tried to download msn instant messenger, it more


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