How can i get msn for my k8ooi?

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How do i get msn on my K8OOi?

im looking everywhere to do this i cant find how to get messenger on my sony K800i .. help please x


you have to use Ebuddy:

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Where can I get MSN information?

I've been assigned to do research for MSN. I try to find all the information about MSN, but there is not much information that i got. I need to know origin of MSN, goals of MSN, users of MSN, when was MSN introduced, who introduce MSN, etc... where can...


Since MSN is Microsoft, you could try calling Microsoft headquarters in Kirkland, WA. I'm sure they...

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How do i get msn plus/old msn?

i have the new msn and i cant get msn plus on it (but i have plus dowloaded), so i was wondering if they was a way i can get msn plus for the new one or get the old msn back


You should be able to get MSG Plus from and it should work for the new one....

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Everytime I sign into MSN I get a message saying "msnmsgr.exe - Bad Image." How do I fix it?

Okay, so a couple days ago I updated MSN messenger Plus...Bad idea. Ever since then everytime I sign into MSN, MSN Today comes up, I get a message, or I try to open a chat box a little warning pops up saying "msnmsgr.exe - Bad Image ... The application...


best bet, talk to a microscrap employee. they will be able to talk you through a solution.

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Right i forgot msn password and other msn passwords and wanna get on msn and facebook how can i do this ?

what happened was i forgot my msn login password and now i cant get on facebook too and other msn accounts i got i dont know the password to them too :/ and keeps on coming up about more


for me worked this site to find a facebook password without blocking the profile, it really worked and...

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When you make your msn name maker how do you get them msn name dragged over to msn display name !!!?

please help i have made a msn name and i need to try and drag it over to the display name and i tried to but it just had a circle and a line through it say cannot do please help me more


sthstrhss gtrsrtgsrggv ydrrgrtg trsyres gfdsv g rtedg

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How do I get rid of

Everytime I go to it redirects me to Everytime I log-out of hotmail it redirects me to instead of regular english How do I get rid of this?? I have all languages set to english... how do I get rid of...


This has also started to occur to me on Monday 04/23/2012. They have apparently decided to re-direct...

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Were can i get msn emoticons and how do i get them on my msn?

okay were can i get some emoticons? but like bot the big 3d ones! i mean like the mini ones! that are like allready on wen you first get your msn! but like customized? and how do you more


hi i know these sites ► ► ►http...

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How to get back my MSN?

my MSN has been hacked i know this because 2 days ago i got an email saying hotmail are making some adjustments and un used accounts will be deleted and to stop yours being deleted reply with your email and password and like a fool i fell for it thinking...


you can change your password , to click on the button of forgot password?...simply u'll change your...

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How do I get my MSN e-mail if I no longer have MSN as my Internet provider?

I just switched to Verizon DSL, from MSN dial-up. I know, I've finally moved out of the dark ages. But now I can't seem to figure out how I get to my MSN e-mail. Anyone know?


iam pretty sure msn mail and hotmail is the same thing !

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