How can I get a Yahoo Avatar?

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How can I get to yahoo avatar maker on the yahoo homepage?

There is no link to the avatar maker on the homepage! So I always have to figure some thing out. And every time I want to do it again I forget what I did last time! Please help! I haven't completely finished my avatar!


You could choose either a cartoon or a photo avatar Cartoon, this way is fast, straight forward and...

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How do I get a pic of myself on my Yahoo 360 so that I can use it as my YA avatar?

First of all, I already know that to switch from my Yahoo avatar to my 360 avatar, I just go to edit my profile and then choose My 360 avatar or whatever. What I need to know how to get a pic of myself on my Yahoo 360 avatar. I already have a few pics...


ok go to your profile. Then go to 360. after your logged in go to "my page" which is on the...

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Where is my Avatar? How can I get my Avatar to show on my Yahoo! Mail Welcome screen?

I've read several answers about missing avatars. However, no one has explained how to get an avatar to show on the Yahoo! Mail Welcome screen. Supposedly it is automatic after you create your avatar. Not in my case. So, could some one please, in plain...


With the new yahoo mail classic upgrade there is no longer an avatar on the email page. Look on your...

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How can we get Yahoo PULSE to reinstate our Avatar pictures? How many people object to the way PULSE is acting?

For all the sorry details of the frustrations I am experiencing in my futile attempts to get my avatar picture back, check this out:;… Out of nowhere, a screen popped up on my laptop asking me to edit my...


Wow, this really has you spun up. Usha Heyde and I go way back. I went to college with Ione Quatromini...

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How do I get the yahoo avatar to show on my Yahoo email. I can load a photo booth photo on my MAC.?

I need to know how to get my avatar to show up on my YAHOO mail... I can't get it to and After I've saved my avatar what to do with it then. I'm using a MAC. Please help if possible... Thanks!!!


Go to Account Settings in yahoo and simpy choose a picture, pick 'My Avatar' as your profile photo,...

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I have deleted my Yahoo Avatar but the sample gray avatar image is still remaining. How can I get rid of it?

Every time I open my Yahoo Mail page, I see the "Your Avatar goes here!" notice. Please! I do not and ever will not use an avatar on Yahoo.


I'm not sure if they got rid of these alerts, but I have never received any. You might want to try switching...

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How can i get my avatar back up and running? it shows up in my yahoo tool bar but not here?

i was a victem of the yahoo answers avatar loss...and it still hasnt come back but ive noticed alot of people have them do i get it back? like i said it shows on my yahoo tool bar and on anything else with yahoo avatars but not on yahoo answers...



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How can I get a real picture in my yahoo instead of my avatar?

I want a real picture instead of my avatar how can i do it?oh yeah and my avatar disapeared from my mail and only apears in yahoo awnsers how can I look for it in my mail?? help more


To use a photo as an Avatar, you must first go to Yahoo 360 and create a profile. Then go to "My...

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How can I get my Yahoo! Avatar as my picture on Yahoo! Answers and other places?

I can never seem to figure out how to work Yahoo! Thank you


Click "My Activity" at top of page Select "Edit My Preferences" Click "Update...

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How can I get my Yahoo Avatar to show up? Its won't?

When I updated the newest Yahoo Messenger, it wouldn't let me use my Avatar. It always takes me over to 'create an avatar'. Which Ive already done.


Go to Yahoo Avatars

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