How can I get a Yahoo! icon on my desktop?

Let’s learn how can I get a Yahoo! icon on my desktop. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I get a yahoo desktop Icon on my computer?

I need a yahoo desktop shortcut icon to get to my homepage.


right click yahoo homepage and select "save page as" and make sure it saves to your desktop...

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How can i get a yahoo icon on my desktop?

i use to have a yahoo icon on my desktop and all I needed to do was click onit and my yahoo page come up.. I have no more icon and do not know how to get it back.


Open the page you want a shortcut for---either the Homepage or the Mail page----then right click a blank...

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Yahoo desktop or icon is gone how can i get back derictly to my icon?

can you help me my yahoo and yahoo mail that lost several months at my desktop


With any page open, that you want a shortcut for ----right click a blank space up near the top and in...

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I have people PC, how do I get a yahoo icon put on my desktop so I can cancel peoplepc.?

Just signed up for yahoo .com and want to drop my, but need to know how I can get an icon on my deskyop to double click it to get on the internet with yahoo .com. acan you help me with this?


If peoplepc is your ISP, then just because you signed up for a ID doesn't mean you can delete...

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How can I get a icon for my yahoo mail (only) to use on my desktop?

Need to know how to get or make an icon for my desktop for yahoo mail only.


You have to put a pic on Yahoo 360 first. It's the only way.

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I just want to how i can get the yahoo mail icon to be back on my desktop.?

every since i,ve had trouble with my computer and finally got it to working.the yahoo mail icon hasn't been on my desktop since.and it was on there before all my problems with my computer.


Go to Yahoo! Mail page. Click File at the top of your screen, a menu will drop down, put your cursor...

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How do I get the Yahoo mail icon on my desktop?I can't figure out how to get this shortcut.?

I have it on one computer and can't seem to find a way to get it on my personal computer.


Quick way to do it, though not the same as Yahoo does it: Go to your Yahoo! Mail, log in, and when you...

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Used shortcut to desktop,no icon,i have yahoo in big letters across my screen. how can i get rid of it?thanx?

have yahoo written across my screen,cannot get rid of it, how do i delete, or should i just forget about yahoo e-mail?


prolly ur computer is now OWNED by yahoo!... lol try changing your background:-> right click on ur...

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How can I get a desktop e-mail alert icon for yahoo mail?

I don't want to use the outlook facility but I want a handy envelope icon on my desktop which alerts me to un-read e-mails. Life would be so much easier if logging in were not necesary.


I think you will have to use the tool bar or log in, when using other Y! pages, my mail icon alerts...

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go to right click on mail choose copy short cut then close all windows choose...

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