How do I get a yahoo desktop icon?

Let’s learn how do I get a yahoo desktop icon. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I get a yahoo desktop Icon on my computer?

I need a yahoo desktop shortcut icon to get to my homepage.


right click yahoo homepage and select "save page as" and make sure it saves to your desktop...

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How do i get this huge yahoo icon off of my desktop. Even if I change my desktop the nonresponsive icon remain

it is non responsive to any right click delete. Im not sure how it was added. The solution is not to change my desktop or right click and delete. This responds to nothing. It appears as my desktop.


wierd. It must be some bug, Id go to my control panel and go to add/remove programs, there might be...

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How do I get a short cut icon on my desktop for my yahoo email?

I am not computer knowledgeable and somehow I lost the ability to access my yahoo email. I have no idea how to get to it now. Can someone give me step by step instructions so I can once again access my mail? I thought perhaps if I can put an icon on...


Go to search type Yahoo Mail this will find it.Open it up send it to desktop or you could lick on the...

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How can i get a yahoo icon on my desktop?

i use to have a yahoo icon on my desktop and all I needed to do was click onit and my yahoo page come up.. I have no more icon and do not know how to get it back.


Open the page you want a shortcut for---either the Homepage or the Mail page----then right click a blank...

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Yahoo desktop or icon is gone how can i get back derictly to my icon?

can you help me my yahoo and yahoo mail that lost several months at my desktop


With any page open, that you want a shortcut for ----right click a blank space up near the top and in...

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How do I get rid of the Yahoo! messenger icon off my desktop?

I'm running Mac OS X, and everytime I click on Yahoo! messenger in my dock the purple Yahoo! messenger icon appears back on my desktop even though I've already copied it to my hard drive and tried deleting it several times from my desktop. It just reappears...


you just drag the icon to the trash bin. it worked for me on my mac. . . otherwise (if it really bothers...

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How do I get a yahoo mail icon for my desktop ?

I just downloaded Yahoo mail & it did not put a Yahoo mail icon on my desktop or on my task bar. How do I get one ???


To make a Desktop shortcut to Mail: 1. Open your Mail inbox using whatever browser you like to use....

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How to get an AT&T Yahoo icon on your desktop.?

I cant seem to get a yahoo browser and have an icon on my desktop to click and login to my yahoo browser can you plese tell me how?


For yahoo mail...and hopefully, AT&T yahoo on START...ALL PROGRAMS and find yahoo.mail...

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How to get yahoo messenger icon on desktop?

installed yahoo messenger, lost yahoo messenger icon on desktop how do i get it back


Drag your icon from the start menu to the desktop. It will stay in the start menu too.

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How do i get my Yahoo ICON for my shortcut back onto my desktop???

I lost my short cuts off my desktop for Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger. How do i put them back on my desktop?


Go to your Start Menu and do a Search for files called YPager.exe. When you find it do a right click...

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