How can I get a visa from the US to travel to Kenya?

Let’s learn how can I get a visa from the US to travel to Kenya. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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It depends on your nationality and intended route of entry. If you are flying in to Niarobi or Mombassa...

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You can get your US Visa on the US Embassy on your home country, but it is not 100% sure that you will...

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Help in getting a visa from Africa for travel to the US?

I have a friend who lives in Kenya, Africa. I have been speaking to her through e-mail and almost everyday on the phone. She calls me sometimes and sometimes I call her. I would like her to travel to the US and stay at my home. She has indicated that...


It sounds like this is on the up and up. The difficulty she has with a visa is that with no real job...

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Do Indians need a tourist visa to Kenya?

Do Indians need to apply for a tourist visa before travelling to Kenya or is visa given on arrival? What are the documents that I need if visa is given on arrival? I read on the consulate website that Indians need to have their visa prior to travel but...


Both sites below indicate you can get a visa upon arrival. You can also call your airline and ask. If...

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How do I get a long stay tourist visa for australia for 12 months? and could my baby travel on the same visa?

I spent a year in Australia on a working holliday visa, where i met my boyfriend (who is Australian). We don't think that we'll be able to get a partner visa, and don't really want to get married straight away, so we were thinking our best option might...


12 month tourist visas are not easy to come by and you are required to show that you have sufficient...

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US Citizen visiting Hong Kong needing India Visa. Can I get it through a Travel Agent?

I am in Hong Kong wanting a visa to go to India. I went to the embassy and they were disrespectful and rude. I went in to get a Tourist Visa and I attached a letter from the surgeon in India who I was going to use to do some plastic surgery. They informed...


You can head to any reputable travel agency to seek help, but since if the embassy is reluctant to help...

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Is it easier to get a schengen visa or travel exclusively on visa waiver programs?

I intend to ride my bicycle around Europe during the next northern spring/summer/autumn, but I don't fully understand how visa waivers work. The schengen visa allows me access into 15 European countries for a maximum of 90 days out of 180 (3 months out...


You probably have obtained your information about the Schengen visa from an outdated commercial website...

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Can I travel with my travel document and get visa in portugal airport or do I need to apply visa in embassy?

Which country I can travel with Black travel document without visa? In the UNITED KINGDOM AIRPORT DO they let me to flight to Portugal and get visa over there ( in Portugal airport) more


A Certificate of Travel is issued to non-refugees with certain types of leave to enter/remain in the...

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Do I have to get my H1B visa stamped again if I change my job, travel out of the US and return back?

I was on L1B visa with my ex-employer "ABC" from 2010 to Oct 2012. I got my H1B visa applied by my ex-employer "ABC"  in 2012 and it became valid since October 1st 2012. After that I traveled out of US and got my H1B visa stamped...


No. The h1b stamping is good till 2015 as long as you maintain valid h1b status with any employer

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