How can I get a visa to visit Kenya?

Let’s learn how can I get a visa to visit Kenya. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Where to Get a Kenya Visa - Information and Requirements

Although it's advisable to get a Kenya visa from your country of origin before you travel to Kenya, you can always get one at the Kenya immigration office upon your ...

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How do I get a visa for my girlfriend's sister to visit from Kenya?

She is in her early 20's and her age seems to be the sticking point.  Besides visiting we are also needing her help to be a nanny for our children while we both work and go to school.  My girl friend is here on a student visa, and we plan to wed next...


I think that John really nails the central issue.  My only direct experience with applying for a visa...

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Is there anything(paperwork) I need to do to visit Kenya?

I am an American currently living in the UK. I want to fly to Kenya for 10 days. Is there any paperwork I need to do? Can I just buy my flight on Orbitz and visit the country? No vaccination? I think I can just get the visa at the airport in Kenya Thanks...


Hello there, if you visit the kenyan website for immigration, you will find out all that you need as...

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I need a thailand visa from kenya but am outside country?

am a kenya citizen working outside the country and would like to visit thailand for 5 days, how can i get a visa, and second, if i apply for a visa online, do i need to go for the more


Your best way is to apply in person at the Thailand embassy or consulate nearest where you are now....

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Is it possible to get a visa for a country, in a country other than your home country?

I am Kenyan Citizen Living in Malaysia, If I want to visit for Example Mexico for Tourism Purpose, Do I need To go Back to Kenya and take tourist's visa from there or I can simply Get it From Here at Mexican Embassy in Malaysia, Wht about other countries...


Since your normal residence is in Malaysia? Yes you may apply. PS: Since you are a tourist? No you cannot...

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Can I get the Visit Visa for Sharjah or Abu Dhabi?

When I was in Dubai on visit visa I signed an offer letter and gave my document copies to one of the employer but then I got back to Pakistan as my visit visa expired. And I informed the employer that I can't join your company for some personal reasons...


the employer can only apply for a work visa for you , they have no control over other type of visas...

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How can I get Visit Visa of the UAE. I don't need a touris VISA. Cause tourist visa isn't renewable.?

How can I get Visit Visa of the UAE. I don't need a touris VISA. Cause tourist visa isn't renewable. I need only VISIT or RESIDENT visa. Dear people, if you know any companies more


visit the UAE eMBASSY O_o

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Can i get jobe or get merry on visit visa in america?

i have an girlfriend in america i want visit her well i wanna stay there but i have an visit visa how i can convert my visit visa to resident visa ?what if i didnt get visit visa could somebody suggest me good idea that how i could go there or if i went...


I don't believe you already have a visitor's visa. I think you want to get one to enter the US and marry...

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Steps to get a UAE visit visa through Emirates Airline?

I am a permanent resident in Houston, Texas and I have applied for a visa to Dubai through CIBT (the company that handles visas for Emirates). CIBT told me that if I am flying through Emirates I do not need a sponsor for my flight if I apply for a 9...


Who ever told you the airline can process 90 day visas gave you the wrong information , the airlines...

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An indian citizen can go to USA through visit visa and can get job there?

im a indian citizen this month end im gng to UAE through visit visa and i will do job there. after 1 year can i go to USA through visit visa and i can get job over there? i want to know that how to apply for the visa. any one should give shurity for...


If you have a college degree you can apply for a H-1B work visa, if no college education you can apply...

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