How can I get an older version of Windows Live Messenger?

Let’s learn how can I get an older version of Windows Live Messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I get the old version of Windows Live Messenger?

My computer just got a virus and so I lost all of my programs and I'm trying to download Windows Live Messenger, but I do not want the newest (Windows Essentials 2011 or whatever). My computer is a Windows 7. Is there anywhere I can get the old one?? Thanks =]


The safest place to download the older version of Messenger is here...

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How can I get back to an older version of windows live messenger?

I downloaded the new windows live messenger version 14.0.8117.416 few days ago, only later to find out they took the 'show my webcam' option out and I can only do video calls. more


The new version of msn removes the option to just show webcam(14.0.8117). Alot of people with the same...

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I cant get my pc to download Windows Live messenger, only windows messenger which seems like an older version?

windows messenger seems like an older version of live, is it? My work pc has live, and home wont download. HELP!


Where are you attempting to download Windows Live Messenger from, my friend? The latest version is called...

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How to get the previous version of windows live messenger?

i have installed the new version of windows live, and i dont like it.....i want the previous one.....from where can i get it? thanks


Go to the link: There on the left hand side will be...

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I downloaded Windows Live Messenger about 3 months ago. How can I get the newest version?

It also won't let me sign in to it because it's "outdated"


go to file hippo .com download there bran knew update checker and run it if you have windows mess of...

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try ... might b of SUM help... not sure though... peace!!!

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Windows live messenger, i tried to download the new version and i get this 0x80004004 error code?

I have tried to get the new version, goes all the way thru then just says abort code 0x80004004 and says everything cannot be downloaded. I have uninstalled windows live and now i cannot download it again, i go thru the website, click download...


The exact same thing happened to me.. i don't get it! I have tried changing my security settings but...

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Open your computer's Internet browser and go to Click "Messenger."...

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To use the Windows version of any software on a Mac will require the Windows operating system be installed...

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My Windows Live Messenger Plus only works with the OLD msn, how do I get it to work with beta?

I downloaded Messenger Plus and and it will only with with the old msn, I've deleted and re-installed Messenger Live several times, and did the same with Messenger Plus. When I logged onto my msn on the oldest version of it, i had Messenger plus as an...


when a new messenger comes out, a new plus has to be made for it. the new messenger live has been out...

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