How can I get the games in my Yahoo instant messenger to work?

Let’s learn how can I get the games in my Yahoo instant messenger to work. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i get Instant Messenger and Yahoo Games to work together?

if I have instant messenger on and I am playing poker I get yahooed out of the system and disconnects me - however, my DSL lines are all in perfect order - only happens when Yahoo is involved. Please help me to solve this issue - I love playing poker late at night to take stress away.


What do I need to play games within Yahoo! Messenger? The basic software requirements needed to use...

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Why can't i get games to work on yahoo messenger?

I have Yahoo Instant Messenger and can't get any of the multiplayer games to work


I am having trouble too - keeps saying error logging onto server. So frustrating. Glad to see your post...

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Why is Yahoo Messenger always messing up on me thiese days?

I've been having trouble with my Yahoo Instant Messenger. I think it may have started a week or almost two weeks ago. Most of the time it's me not being able to see others IM messages to me, but they can see mine. It usually happens after a certain time...


You are not alone, it's not your computer. I'm having the same problems and am seeing that others are...

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Can you get the instant message history feature of Yahoo Messenger for the Web to work for you?

I am asking this because I have tested this out a few times and it is not working for me. I am trying to determine if this is a problem for most people who use it, or are willing to test it :D, or if it is just on my end, and a couple others I have tried...


yes it is working for me! i think u need to contact customer care if you cant receive yours.! Follow...

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My Yahoo! Instant messenger only pops up for about 4 seconds, how do I get it to work?

MY Yahoo! Instant messenger pops up for only 4 seconds and it definitley doesn't give you anytime to write anything. I was wondering if Im doing something wrong.


Try uninstalling it then reinstalling it.

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On Yahoo Instant Messenger I cannot get my audibles to work How do I fix this?

On yahoo IM My audibles for my contacts will not work so how do I fix this?


Click messenger top left, scroll down to preferences click, click alerts and sounds. Check enable alerts...

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My yahoo instant messenger games will not work?

i have java but now all of a sudden it will not work


guys for all hwo can't play games on mess... visit and download free java...instal it and...

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I can't get games to work on Yahoo Messenger when chatting. Suggestions?

My daughter and I tried last night and all I got was a box with a red X. I have downloaded the latest versions of Yahoo Messenger and Java and even disabled pop-up blockers and one of my firewalls but nothing has helped.


Un-install then re-install Yahoo Messenger! (The same thing was happening to me about 2 months ago....

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I can't get yahoo instant messenger to work on my computer.?

I put in user and password but it won't log in. Not sure if firewall have anything to do with it. I am able to log into My Yahoo but just can't IM


Try uninstalling then reinstalling it.

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Yahoo messenger games don't work anymore.. why?

I recently reinstalled windows on my computer. Now i have win xp sp2 (i had this before) and i also installed vista transformation pack to get a new look .As the title says, yahoo messenger games don't work anymore (and i'm not talking about


u need to go and download flash and java flash… java...

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