How can I get another email?

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How can i get another yahoo email address?

can i sit up another email address for special people to communicate with me? like pay pal or people requesting information or ordering my products?


just sign out of your account and click create create account......

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How can this be? Send an email via Hotmail and get a reply through another email id entirely?

I replied to an email a while back using my Hotmail account. Today, weeks later, get a reply under in a different personal email-id (not related to hotmail, msn or any other form), that am sure the person I sent the email to does not know of - yet he...


He could have multiple email accounts set up in his email client. He may just prefer sending mail through...

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How can i get my Email forwarded from one Yahoo emial To another Yahoo Email?

ihave an email that i have been using and i decided i needed a new one. how can i get the email from my old account forwarded to my new one? email me at


How do I Import Contacts (+ emails and calendar info) from my other webmail account? Replace Cancel...

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My boyfriend lost his password and he didn't have another email to send it to how can he get his password.

his account is deactivited and he need 2 reactivite it to get his important emails how can he get into it to add an email account so any time he lose his password he can get it.Is it more


He can do it without email address on-line, by entering his secret answer, he will be asked a question...

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How can I get an email address that is not connected to another site?

I want to block on my computer access to all sites except for selected ones. I want to block all search engines too. If I block google I won't be able to access my gmail. So I want my own email address that doesn't go through another site. I don't have...


Ask your Service Provider. They often have an Email Package as well.

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How can i get my account information sent to me for another email address?

I gave my email address to someone and now my account information is different. Is there anyway to get my account information from another id sent to me through another address?


Your question is confusing but I would advise you to contact Yahoo. Here is how: The email address for...

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How can another person get into my emails, using my email address?

A person, who has my email address, took emails from my "mail," how can he do this? He piratted emails from my computer. How did he do this?


I had an ex boyfriend who's friend could hacked. He screw a lot up on my internet and made me look like...

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How can I save some emails and drafts if I want to delete my Yahoo email address and get another one without?

having to send each one to the new email address. Is there a way to do it without having to spend so much time emailing each one first to the new address before I delete the address I have now? Thank you all


I dont think there is a way

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I have Yahoo! email in one name and Yahoo! IM in another name. How can I get them both open at the same time?

I used to be able to have my Yahoo! IM open at the same time as my Yahoo! email, even though both use different IDs. Ever since I upgraded to Explorer 7 (and therein may lie the problem...), each one automatically closes the other so that I cannot have...


I have yet to upgrade to IE7 and can still open Messenger under 1 ID and e-mail under another. That...

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How can i get another email address?

a second email address



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