How can I get another trucking job?

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How do I get a swift trucking job?

I'm considering working for Swift Transportation but want to know the best way to get a driving job with them. I've seen several sites that allow you to apply online for a Swift trucking job, but I'm not sure which companies are good to apply with and which ones to stay away from. Thanks for your help!


As you said, there are a number of sites out there, but my experience is that most of them seem to be...

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How to get an entry level trucking job in central valley, ca. after being fired?

I only have six months experience, and have not worked in trucking for 2 years. I was fired by Frank Alegre Trucking. I have a perfect driving record. How can I get another trucking job?


With that big of a gap and not a lot of experience odds are you will have to go back to a training company...

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Is "over the road" the only trucking job I can get if I attend a trucking school?

I am considering attending a trucking school in Southern California, but I've heard that it is very unlikely to find a job that doesn't require you to leave the state or the general Southern California area at that. I don't want to waste my time/parents...


There are many local drivers. There might be more job openings for over the road, since local is more...

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My husband just got a Class A CDL, but all of the trucking jobs we have seen require at least 6 months- 2 years experience. How do you get experience if no one will hire you because you have no experience?!? AAHHHH!! It makes no sense!


you need to go to Swift or Werner they require no experience.

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I HAVE A old felony charge(1995),can i get a trucking job?i have my class a cdl?



you should be able to as long as you're qualified... after 5 years the charge shouldn't affect your...

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If you think that you will get a trucking job in Iraq in one day then it is not possible. There are...

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I have heard that the summer time is the best time to be an ice road trucker, new positions opening...

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I lost my office job, and am wanting to get into trucking, more specifically local route delivery?

Do delivery/trucking jobs exist where you work a normal work day and are home each night, ya know like a UPS guy. Id love to be a delivery guy driving all day loading unloading but I know UPS Fed-Ex you have to be in the company for a long time b4 u...


My friend did trucking for awhile aparently the money is made in long hauling because its further and...

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Hallo,any body knew,please answer: if get a trucking job in copenhagen /denmark?

what is par rate. what is the pay diffirence bet.euro vs denmark currency krone.? if i get a job in resturent,how much they gone a pay me.? how much uselly make one person in weak? what is pay scale rate denmark vs germany? germeny and denmark have a...


1.00 EUR = 7.44310 DKK Non-EU citizens: If you are from a country that is not a European (EEA) member...

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Is it just a false promise to get me in their trucking school that they say I will get a job?

I applied with this nation wide trucking company and they gave me this school to help me get my CDL Class A license. Once I pass the road and written tests, the guy that runs the more


No school guarantees that you will have a job. It's a false promise because there are many people who...

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