How can I get a good job in HR?

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How do I get a job in HR?

I studied HR. Now I am graduated and there are no jobs for new grads like me. All job openings are for people with 3-5 years experience. I could go into recruitment, but that's more a sales job. I could use some advice about how to get some steps into my ambition to become a HR professional. I feel like my education has been a total waste.


I came into HR in a roundabout way, not directly from undergrad, but from my observations, here are...

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How can I get a good HR Assistant job in Atlanta?

I have been searching high and low for a job in the field of HR but I don't live in ATL right now (I'm a few hours away and I'm willing to relocate). What can I do to get a job over there as an HR Assistant?


It is a little harder now to find the HR assistant job in Atlanta that you are looking for, but not...

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How much i hv to pay, i am an MBA (HR) which module is perfect for me, after SAP can i get good salaried job?

I did MBA(HR), recently working in an Engg. college as an Admin Officer, want to do SAP, My questions are : 1. best Traing Institute for SAP. 2. Fee 3. Course period 4. Which module is best suitable for my profile. 5. where will i get placed 6. how much...


learn SAP HR. try here for institues

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How can I get a job in HR or a job that will help me get into HR with little experience?

I have been working in retail since I was 15. I am now 26. I have had enough with it, so in May when I was laid off from my last job (our store went out of business) I got a job as more


Just try applying HR jobs and keep on trying. You will get experience from interview and know what you...

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How can I get entry level job within HR & IT sector in London. But I am NOT interested in external recruitment?

I have done post-graduation in HR & IT. I am interested in entry-level roles within HR & IT profiles. I have an experience of supporting end-to-end IT recruitment and administration process for major IT Systems Integrators across UK, Europe,...


All large firms use external recruitment. That is the way it works here. My son has more qualifications...

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I am working in India as a HR recruiter , please guide me how can i get job in Dubai?

I am working in India as a HR recruiter , please guide me how can i get job in Dubai.


An HR recruiter who doesn't know how to get a job? Here are recruiters hiring in UAE: http://www.startpagedubai...

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Im 19 how can i get a job that pays $18/hr?

im 19 and im still in college but ireally need to help my mom pay the rent but where can i find a job that pays at LEAST 15/hr tips?


Well go to and find some jobs also do little jobs like two you could make 20$ like work...

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What is the present demand in SAP modules like SD/MM/HR .. so that I can choose the right one, get good job?

My basic qualification is and I did PG Dip. in Computer Methods & Programming. 20 years experience in various departments, right from computer operator to Distribution Manager. Commercial and Material departments also I worked. Which is the...


check this site:

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I am MBA - HR from India with 3+ yrs experience in Human resource field, can i get a good job in Australia?

Or is there any part time course in Australia which will help me find a good job there in my field? Will my experience from India count there?



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Though you are a bit late you may try some of the numerous recruitment agencies in Dubai like http:...

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