If I get my GED and a degree can I get a good job?

Let’s learn if I get my GED and a degree can I get a good job. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Will my past keep me from getting a job? I am 43 and wanting to get my GED and get into college for a degree?

in nursing/medical field. I was 16 when we got married and we had a huge family. I have some things on my background. it's never been anything other than bad checks but 1996 it was a lot of bad checks and it was a felony of theft of over 500 under 5...


Don't let anyone negative bring you down! I think it's brave of you to get your GED and go to college...

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Burger King!

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Can I get a four year college degree with a GED? Please read all of it?

I'm having a really hard time right now, life problems, moving a lot and I am really behind in high school credits. I was going to get my GED, then go to a community college for two years, get an associates degree then transfer to a University and get...


Most definitely you can get a B.A./B.S. with a GED! When you fill out a college application, they actually...

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I'm failing school. Should I just get my GED instead?

I need 30 credits to graduate from my high school. I also need 40 hours of volunteer work. Sounds easy, but I messed up last year and even this year. I'm currently in grade 10. For me to graduate, I need to: -Take two courses at summer school (Full Day...


If re-doing High school courses is too much to take on then Yes, go for the GED it sounds like a good...

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How hard is it to get a flight attendant job with a GED?

I dropped out of high school in 10th grade and passed the GED test. I am now working towards a degree at community college. How hard is it for a 19 year old to get a job as a flight ...show more


I wouldn't think it would be that hard, your not flying the airplane or anything. A GED is suppose to...

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Im 20 years old. How can I get a job in another state and move?

I want to move to Louisiana. I'm from New York. I have been interested in getting out for a while. I have a GED (no college degree yet) and I was wondering how is it possible to get a job and be able to move to another state?


Well first off you have to get a job and save up money. Then you can go to Nola.com and look for jobs...

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Is it easy, hard or average to get a job in the airline industry? as in a job at the airport?

So one of my relatives works at the airport, at first she just had a job at the airport, I'm not sure what its called, & when I search it just pretty much says "airport jobs" everywhere, now shes the Customer Service supervisor, but ever...


For basic jobs a high school diploma is fine. You do have to go through a background screening and security...

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How would having a GED effect getting a job as a corporate lawyer?

After I get my degree from college, would having a GED effect my entrance into a Law School, if so how bad? Also after law school, would having a GED effect finding a job?


By that time your GED will not matter. Focus on getting into your UG school, and getting good grades...

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Should I take a job or get a free masters degree?

I'm graduating this semester with a license to teach secondary history. Help me decide whether to take a one-year teaching job or a fully-funded MA in history. I want to ultimately teach high school, but full tuition + a monthly stipend seems too good...


I would definitely go with the funded MA program. That is a great opportunity, and you can leverage...

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Is it possible to get your Bachelor's Degree if you have a GED?

Im enlisting in to The National guard in january I want to this the quickest way to start to earn my bachelor's degree. They have a program where you go to an academy for 9 moths to earn you high school diploma and you get paid for it. Then they have...


GED is a Graduate Equivalency Diploma - You take a test and earn you High School diploma through this...

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