How can I get the device camera status in Ionic?

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Get device camera status in android?

I want to create service in which I can get camera is opened or not. If there is camera already open I want to capture photo using camera. Please help me to do this. I tried following for get status but in that I always get STATUS_ON. Camera _camera; boolean qOpened = false; try {; qOpened=(_camera!=null); if(qOpened){ Camera_status = "STATUS_OFF"; }else{ System.out.println("==nothing to do===="); } } catch (Exception e) { Camera_status = "STATUS...

Answer: will give you an Exception if Camera is in use. From the docs, /** A safe way to get an...

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My camera software "Cannot get device information" from my camera?

I have a Kodak Easyshare camera, and the Kodak Easyshare software. I connected my camera to sync the pictures onto the computer, and an error message says "Cannot get device information". I have tried everything I can think of, any one else...


There seems to be some kind of communication error which can be anything from a bad USB port on either...

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If ihave an xbox 360 storage device but i get a hardrive will it delete my status?

like my levels on call of duty or my friends basically will i have to start everything over or can i copy the data on my storage device onto y hardrive?


When you buy a brand new hardrive you will get something called a transfer cable. This transfer cable...

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Is there a hidden surveillance camera in my house?

My daughter's father recently moved in with us and he says he wants to be a family but I'm concerned he is here for the wrong reasons. I recently found a program on my computer called Ivideon and I did not think much of it until I found out it is a program...


This sounds suspiciously troll-like. The IP of the website she wants you to click on is based in Russia...

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Looking for a freebie digital camera. Sorta.

Dublin Airport Security accidentally broke my digital camera this weekend, and I'm looking for creative and cheap options to get a replacement digital camera to use for the rest of my trip. I was passing through security at Dublin Airport en route to...


I've never even heard of renting a camera... I hadn't either. I just happened to be standing in front...

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I know it's a camera angle, but how do I MEASURE it?

How do I measure the angle I hold my camera at to take a picture, so I can take other photos to composite together and have it not look terrible? I've been trying to figure this out and apparently I lack the terminology. When I try to find 'measure camera...


Sounds like you're looking for a clinometer.

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How to get my computer to detect my Finepix camera again?

I used to be able to plug my camera into the usb port and have the plug and play menu pop up, and upload my pictures without a problem. Now when I plug in my camera, the camera recognizes that it is plugged into the computer and the camera icon appears...


You can try another camera USB cord. You can uninstall the software and reinstall it. You can use a...

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How can i get Capture video device in Windows Live Movie Maker?

I was previously running Windows Movie Maker 2.1 on Windows XP. The "capture from Video device" option was what I always used when using WMM. My ATI TV tuner came with a composite capture device that plugged directly into the TV tuner. I had...


Hi, Unfortunately you can't capture from device into WLMM. For more information, contact directly the...

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Why my computer thinks there is no memory card in my camera?

Ok 3 things, Camera, Camera Memery card, Computer. My dads friend couldint get into the camera memery card by usb, from what my dad said so when i took my dads camera and put it into my computer via usb my computer cudint even detect the card in the...


Has the card been formatted yet?

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The best camera for a heavy metal concert?

I would like to know which camera is the best for heavy metal shows. I hear a lot about plugging in a mic into the camera, but I would just really love to make sure. I would love to have as many answers as possible so i can do some good research. I look...


An external mic helps - but what helps even more is manual audio control. Check into the Canon HF M...

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