How can I hide my "Wall-to-Wall" on facebook?

Let’s learn how can I hide my "Wall-to-Wall" on facebook. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Although many people enjoy posting messages on the walls of their Facebook profiles or having friends...

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How to hide updates in Facebook ticker?

How do I hide certain updates from the Facebook ticker on my main page? (The ticker is that real-time-updating list of news on the right side of the web page.) In particular, I want to hide updates from Words with Friends (e.g. "Aunt Idontgetsettings...


FB Purity has been a godsend for this kind of thing. With it, I can not only block annoying games invites...

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Can you hide your friends list from everyone but you on facebook?

Everyone has facebook. Even my mom. One day she even asked me; why don't you have facebook? How do you keep in contact with your friends? I said; I don't want to have facebook, because I'm very careful about my private life. I really am. I'm also very...


yea ofcourse you can hide your friend llist from everyone except yourself and no its not suspicious...

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Hide My Picture on Facebook?

is there anyway i can hide my picture on my friends friends list to non-friends? guess that got a little confusing, i mean to say that eventhough my profile pictures settings on facebook are set to "only me", but if a random non-friend on facebook...


If you don't want to share your pics, don't put them on Facebook. It's that simple. If you must have...

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Why my boyfriend hide his friend list in Facebook from me?

Me and myboyfriend are together for one year. We have plan to marry. I put high security in my facebook, but I set it for my boyfriend to see everything there. But he hide his friend's list from me. I asked him... do you have something to hide from me...


Usually if someone is doing something wrong and feeling guilty, they will get suspicious of others....

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Can I hide my facebook account from people?

I want to hide my facebook account from this person who is stalking me, it won't let me block him, I will press the block button and it will say "This person can not be blocked." So instead of blocking him, is there a way I can hide my facebook...


Go to: 1)Privacy settings 2)Scroll down and click "Manage Blocking" 3) Then you can search...

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Is there a way to hide posts on your Facebook wall from a SPECIFIC person from one of your Facebook friends?

I know you can hide ALL your wall posts from someone, but there's only a couple people whose wall posts I wanna hide from my mom (cause she made me add her on facebook, and she more


you go to privacy settings, profile info, posts by me, than choose customise, and add your mom as a...

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How to hide your Facebook account from Facebook Search?

Is there a way to hide your facebook account from the search engine on facebook?


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On facebook, on the news feed, is there any way to hide a news post with 1 click?

Like instead of having to choose from "hide this post, hide all posts from this person, hide all something else"... to default to "hide this post" when I click on the X?


No. Facebook gives you options, options take time, but time is what we're short on. Without options...

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How do I hide hide facebook activity from certain people?

I saw my dad looking at his facebook the other day, and he doesn't have many friends, so basically any activity that anyone does, he knows about it. Like if someone likes a link that someone posted or a picture, or if someone comments on a status, he...


If you're using timeline format click the arrow in the top right hand corner and go to privacy settings...

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