How can I hook up my xbox360 to the Internet?

Let’s learn how can I hook up my xbox360 to the Internet. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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you plug the cable from the back of your xbox into your router, if you don't have a router you can plug...

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I'm trying to hook up my XBOX360 to the internet so I can sign up for live but the IP address always fails.

I am using a wire hooked into out modem and into the back of the 360. When I run the connection tests though it always says IP Address (Failed) And the test stops. How can I fix this? What XBOX tells me to do confuses me and doesn't really give me a...


I remember having a problem like this. I don't remember which part of the connection test failed, but...

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How do i hook up a xbox360 to the internet?

i know i need a router and ethernet cable. i have two computers in seperate rooms with one router in the room the xbox wont be cause that router is occupied.can i have a router in the room the xbox is or would two routers interfere with each other


Don't listen to guy under me. If you have a wireless router then you can get the wireless connector...

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You have to have the correct IP address.

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Attach the Xbox 360 wireless adapter to your Xbox 360 console by plugging in the adapter's USB into...

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You have to plus in an ethernet cable with an internet connectio. then you make an xbox live account...

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How can I connect my Xbox360 to the Internet at college?

here is my situation my college internet is one of those where you have to login with your user name and password every time you open the internet. I thought hooking my Xbox360 up was going to be easy but it turns out i was wrong. i have my computer...


Depending on your computer, I went to a private college and we had to log in everytime. I had a Mac...

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I have a 3TB WD Cloud drive...problems with PC and XBOX360?

I recently purchased a 3TB WD Cloud mybooklive external drive for backing up my videos (wmv, avi, etc...) and after using the disc that comes with the drive, and searching forum after forum, I can't figure out a way to actually copy files to it. I have...


I would say that this could be the device problem... Report this issue to the mechanical service since...

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