How can I hook my phone up to my car to play music?

Let’s learn how can I hook my phone up to my car to play music. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there someway to hook my phone up to my car's stereo to play music?

I have a Chevy Malibu 04 and there is not a usb or audio input and I have an android phone.


Dont spend 200$ on a new radio, go to autozone and buy a ipod connecterbkit. Plugs rite into the aux...

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Is it possible to hook my Android phone into my car to play music?

I have an Android Huawei Ascend from straighttalk and my mom's car is an older Pontiac (I believe 2002). Is there any way I can play music through the car from my phone?


What above said. but I dont think yours has a cassette deck. Should be CD player. The only way is to...

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Where to hook phone to Mercedes Benz ML 350?

I'm trying to connect my phone to the car so I can play music from it... I don't see where to hook it though.... Anyone know?


You cannot use the phone system to play music. You don't mentioned the year of your ML but if it's a...

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Which device to play music on my phone in my car?

Ok 'nerdlings' I need your help. I want to play my music from my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) on my car stereo. I want a the smallest device possible, but name all you know and what they do if you could be so kind. My car does not have a normal RCA input...


Check Google

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Is there a way (and what do I need) to hook my cell phone up to my car stereo so I can listen to my music?

I have a LG Rumor phone, I have most of my music collection saved on it. I would like to be able to hook it up to my car radio so I dont have to keep all my CD's in my car to listen to them. I have a tapedeck in my car that I use a car kit and a portable...


they have adapters for mp3 players at best buy you can plug into a auxillary port in the front or back...

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How 2 play music on phone with headphone jack adapter through car stereo (basically using my phone as an ipod)

i recently bought the vx8300 from getting the microsd card so i can upload songs..i bought a 3/32 to 1/8 headphone jack adapter so i could run a line from my phone to the aux. input on my car stereo..first off. the adapter only works when...


wow--that is long and complicated, and i'm really sorry but i have no clue how to fix it. what i would...

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Can I hook up my guitar into a car to play music like with the VW car and guitar?

I know i can put an adapter and put an amp in the car but i was wondering if i could just hook it up to the car maby with another adapter to hear the music out of the speakers.


To hook up a guitar to your car speakers get an FM frequency transmitter(its used for ipod connection...

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How to play music from my phone in my car?

i need a good way to play music in my car from my phone. i do not have an iphone i have the evo so it just has an audio jack to play music and i do not have a audio jack on my head more


If you have a cassette player in your car's sound system, then you can buy a cassette adaptor. You plug...

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Can you hook up a car amplifier to a home stereo amp just to play music not for power to car amp?

This is only to play music from the home amp on subs I have hooked up to a car amplifier


Not to power the car amplifier by all means you can if you are just running the sub out RCA from the...

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How Can I Play Music From My Mp3 Phone To My Car Sound System?

i have the slider sonic.its an mp3 phone from virgin mobile,and has a jack to plug in from the phone to a home theater.but how can i play music from my phone to my car?is there any wires i need to buy?my stereo doesnt have an AUX input so that wont work...


If you go to a reputable stereo shop, they have many adaptors for most of todays vehicles to add an...

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