How can I improve my singing?

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How can i improve my singing?

hi everyone!, i'm a 20 years old male and i've been studying singing for about 6 months, but i had to leave my classes 'cause i had to go to college, but i want to keep my vocal training until i can be in my singing class again, could you give some advices about how i can improve my singing? these are my videos on youtube... thank you


You need to continue to improve your breath support and your ear training. A good place to practice...

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How can you improve your singing voice?

So. I think that I have an ok singing voice. I've won my school talent show 3 times in a row. I want to make my voice better because in 6 months our school is having some talent scouts come in and I'm trying out for singing. I asked my mum and she said...


Simply practicing runs, scales, and different jumps improve your voice. I'm sorry to say, but everybody...

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How can I improve my singing voice?

Well currently I am fourteen years young and proud of it. The reason I'm asking a question right now is because... well I need the information on it obviously. Here's a little insight on me: I'm a female who is fourteen and heading into freshman year...


Hi im a 16 year old who love to sing as well. and mostly what i can say is just keep practicing. and...

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(VIDEO OF ME SINGING) How can I improve?

I'm not a singer, I've only started trying to sing in the last couple weeks. I just want to know how to harness my voice and improve so I can sing in front of people without being embarassed. I've also realized that I love singing. :) Anyways, here's...


Um. Ok as a fellow higher voice singer. I can tell you from the more choral side of view. No offence...

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I want to improve my singing, how can i?

I want to improve my singing without joining a public singing class. How can i improve the range? I like to sing alot of Paul McCartneys songs, but he sings in a slightly funny key that i cant hit smoothly. what are some good tips to remember when singing...


Why don't you want to join a public singing class? And you can have a private singing class with a vocal...

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How can i improve my singing voice?

i really want to do community theater, i can act and dance, i just can't sing. besides using youtube videos, how can i improve my singing voice. i sing terribly and i can't afford singing lessons. i have a keyboard, but i wouldn't even know where to...


Hi Taylor You have to listen and sing to many different CD. Why? So that you can develop your ear and...

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How can I improve my singing, singing tips please!?

please I need some singing tips I Absolutely LOVE singing! I had a solo at a concert at school and people from my class have heard me sing and I have gotton compliments alot, but recently when I hear myself sing I don't really like what I hear and I...


If you are serious about singing, lessons are a good idea. It helps to get one on one private lessons...

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How can you improve your singing ability?

How can you improve your singing ability? I know practice makes perfect, but what else can I improve my voice and singing? Voice/singing games of ay type, just performing in front of more


our voice must be good and learn music from a good teacher and take precautions like not eating ice...

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You'd have to ask Brett Manning. I have my doubts about some of the claims on his website, including...

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How's my singing? How can i improve?

Here are a couple clips of some indiscriminate singing. Whilst singing i feel like i sound great, i'll even use the put folders in front of your ears trick and it sound powerful...


You've got potential there. I'm no singer but the first thing I would say is to sing to a backing track...

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