How can I improve my singing at home?

Let’s learn how can I improve my singing at home. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Want to learn to sing as a complete beginner, or improve singing if you're already not so bad, or make...

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What are good ways to improve your singing at home with no vocal lesson or training?

first off, i can not afford for vocal lesson or training for now, so i am looking for a good ways and tips and exercise to improve my singing or vocal . how can i improve my singing more



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Ways to actually improve singing voice at home for free.?

basically i want to improve my singing voice, to be honest im terrible, something that i can do mon-fri but not weekends. it needs to be online and free. thank you.


In fact, it takes obviously some talent, some luck, LOTS of patience, diligence, courage, hard work...

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Ways to Improve My Singing Voice At home ?

Hello everyone , I have been wanting to improve my singing voice for awhile but have not known how to start . From the age of 4 all the way till I was 13 I would sing 1 or 2 songs more


Gargle with old razor blades . No just kidding don't do that

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How can u improve on singing?how do u sing properly?

im 16 and im a male. i like singing for fun but i recorded my self and it was meh.. anyideas how u can improve? im thinking of taking lessons and what can i do like home remedies to imrpove and how do u sing properly


The only solution is to practice as much as possible and get help from someone who knows what they're...

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How can I improve my vocal techniques and sing better? Are there at home exercises?

What are some things I can do to stretch my vocal abilities at home. I want to achieve a better singing voice, but dont want to spend money on vocal lessons. What are some things I can do at home to improve my voice?


Buy the Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson present, Ultimate Voice Coach. It is a 3 disc set, one karaoke...

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I love singing, but I hate singing for people?

I LOVE to sing, it's pretty much my favorite thing in the world. :D But... I suck. Badly. I started taking voice lessons just last week, but during the lesson I find myself feeling like such a failure. I'm not trying to brag about this or anything, but...


Look Please please don’t put your self down!!!!!!!!! your remind me of me, I too am 15 and well...

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How to improve on singing?

Don't tell me to take singing lessons, because I cant. Unless there is some online... Okay so I looovee singing and i literally do it everywhere. But like, not really. Like I always relate songs to life, and bleh. I don't like singing at home because...



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How to improve my singing?

So next year I'm think about auditioning for one of the school plays. Problem is they're all musicals an I would really like a lead part. The only thing holding me back is my singing. My mom isn't willing to pay for a singing coach or voice lessons so...


there are a lot of singing instructers you can get

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How can i imporve singing without getting vocal lessons or training?

i want to improve singing and i want to sing well, i can not afford vocal lesson so what are good way to improve singing at home ?


Getting information from Yahoo can lead to making bad choices on how to learn the craft of singing ...

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