How can I keep my car clean?

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How can I keep my black car clean?

I have a Black 2010 Ford Fusion with the monochrome appearance package, and I would really like to keep it looking nice. I don't have the time to do a lot of physical work, so I need suggestions about things I can have done to it, but if a little work on my part is necessary, that's fine. Also, I don't have a ton of money, so relatively inexpensive ways are best. I know this is asking a lot, so I still appreciate answers that involve work or money. Lastly, if there's any type of product designed...


I had 3 black trucks, it is the worse color to keep clean. Start by getting a very good wax, followed...

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How can I keep my Car clean on a daily basis?

I am a IT professional working in Pune. I own a semi-sedan and use it daily to go for work. My office is around 25 Km from home, and as pollution in city is increasing at a swift rate, car becomes dirty daily. I am unable to clean it daily because of...


You can check around and see if you can hire someone to clean your car every morning. It is very common...

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How can I keep my car clean on the outside?

It's clean for a day and then it rains, and its dirty again, and I cant park it in undercover parking either, any suggestions?


I guess your just going to have to wash it again and pray that it doesn't rain.

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How can I keep my car from being stolen again?

My car has been stolen twice in the last few months (first time was found, 2nd time: still waiting). The car was also broken into once within the last 8 months (steering column taken apart, but no damage done). I am looking for ideas on how to keep this...


Most thefts are crimes of opportunity. A simple club would be enough to send the thief to a different...

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How can I convince my parents to keep our current car?

Here's my dilemma: My parents are planning on purchasing a new car anytime now to replace one of our two cars. I really don't want to see the car go since it's been in our family since around 2001, and I still love it even though it's old (it's only...


Probably good to get rid of the clunker.

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I can't keep my room or car clean? Is there something wrong with me?

I can't keep my room or car clean even if I clean it in two days times they're both dirty again. Is this a symptom of a disorder or some sort of depression? When I stay at my boyfriends house for a day or longer I'm a neat freak and keep everything tidy...


You have no self pride. You keep stuff clean at your boyfriends house so he does not think you are a...

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I can't get the inside of my car windshield clean. Why does it keep getting a film?

I've cleaned it with a couple of different window cleaners. Streaks still appeared after a day or so. So then I bought a microfiber towel to help get it really clean, and there are still streaks, even after using it. I can see the streaks come off, and...


Do you smoke in your car ? This will place a film on the inside. Back in the 1950's we used a solution...

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How can I keep a rear-facing car seat from 'slipping' out of place?

One month of use, and the car seat is almost laying down! We just can't get this seat to stay more upright. The seat just keeps tipping back to too much recline.We had the Evenflo Triumph 5 'professionally installed'. Didn't last, Another child seat...


Not all car seats fit all cars. Bucket seats are the worst to fit. Contact the manufacturer and ask...

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How long can i keep the car here for??

my dad just game me this old car, i live in saskatchewan and the car is from manitoba. how long can i keep the car here for legally?? i was told that its 90 days then i have to either take the car back to manitoba or get it saftied here. is this true...


90 days sounds correct, but you'd be better off calling an SGI agent and confirming that with them just...

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There is NO cheap to run car anymore..However how can I keep the running cost of a car to a minimum?

Do you buy an old banger and forever buy parts for it (Don't forget today's old bangers are the first generation cars fitted with electronic this and electronic that.... All could go wrong without notice) OR Do you buy a nearly new car (Say 1 Year old...


Minimise insurance cost by accepting an "excess" which is more than the basic one the insurance...

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